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Zweigeltrebe grapes

by | Jul 4, 2017

Zweigeltrebe is a unique variety of grape used for preparing red wines.

It is also commonly known as Zweigelt.

Zweigeltrebe was developed in the year 1922 in the Federal Institute for Viticulture and Pomology by Fritz Zweigelt that is located in the city of Klosterneuburg in the country of Austria.

Crossing between two different grape varieties, namely Blaufrankisch and St. Laurent led to the creation of Zweigeltrebe.

These grapes led to the production of the exquisite red wines which in turn increased its production in a cycle of supply and demand that grew exponentially.

Wine grape varieties

Now, they are widely grown in the different parts of Austria and are also having their influence in the vineyards of Canada.

In the year 2008, the Austrian vineyards accounted for plantations that spread up to 16,090 acres (6,512 hectares).

This has further expanded with the passage of time and by the 2000s, Zweigeltrebe has itself become a trend of red wine in Austria.

Zweigeltrebe is also called as Blauer Zweigelt, Zweigelt, and Rotburger (it shouldn’t be puzzled with Rotberger).

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Zweigeltrebe is the unique variety of grape that is widely grown in Austria and the regions surrounding Austria.

Though, it has made its course through the inroads in the lands and seas to the wine regions in Canada such as the British Colombia and the Niagara Peninsula of the Ontario region.

It also has a significant influence in the plantations and regions of Hungary.

The Zweigeltrebe variety is the alternative name used in the country of the Czech Republic and is counted as the third-most widely grown variety of red grape which occupies almost 4.7% of the entire vineyards in the region of Austria.

Zweigeltrebe is grown in most of the wine regions of Slovakia as well and not just restricted to the regions of Austria.

In the year 2010, there were many new establishments of vineyards brought up for the production of Zweigeltrebe in Poland and Belgium as well.

Even the Washington state of the United States has accounts of Zweigeltrebe vineyards in small plantations (which may not be more than a few acres) that include Perennial Vintners and Wilridge Winery.


The Zweigeltrebe variety of red wine is made from a very unique grape which often harvested at the point of wilting.

This basically means that the grapes who are in a state of wrinkles or getting the lines of stretch are the best kind of grapes for the production of the Zweigeltrebe variety of red wine.

Harvesters and wine producers alike wait for this period of the life cycle of the grape to start harvesting it and then brew it into the Zweigeltrebe variety of red wine through various processes some of which have been kept a secret through the usage of modern patents.

But several of the countryside folks who know how to produce the grape as well as the Zweigeltrebe variety of red wine pay no heed to the patents.

The Zweigeltrebe variety of red wine is a beautiful and exquisite red wine with a deep red colour that comes because of the grapes which are dark violet in colour.

These dark violet grapes are often considered to be very juicy and upon fermentation produce excellent quality wines.

Food Pairing

The Zweigeltrebe variety of red wine is often used as a broth creator. Several of the best chefs from around the world, including Michelin star chefs, use the Zweigeltrebe variety of red wine as a base while cooking various different kinds of broths and liquid bases for vegetarian dishes.

Since the Zweigeltrebe variety of red wine is a medium acidic wine, it is a versatile wine that can be paired with either sweet or acidic dishes with the only caveat being that the food pairing must not be overly sweet or overly acidic.

Sweet fruits need to be avoided while having the Zweigeltrebe of red wine grape variety. Several cheeses are also paired well with the Zweigeltrebe variety of red wines.

These cheeses are – Gouda, Raclette, Roquefort, Bucheron, Mahon etc. Dry Jack cheese is a particularly good pairing with the Zweigeltrebe variety of red wine due to the dry characteristic of this particular red wine.


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