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Information about Wine

Many of us enjoy a glassful of wine after a long tiring day, when at a holiday, or at gatherings.

In these sections you will find all kind of informations about Wine, from wine reviews to food pairings and recipes.

Everything is tied up, from the vineyard where the vine is grown, to the different grape varieties through fermenting and aging to the final product of different types of wine.

We have collected information about all types of wine, from red to white, port, dessert and stronger as liqour.

Wine grape varieties

Wine Pairing with Food

The choice of wine to pair with food mostly depends on your palate, the wine type that you enjoy most and your perception on food.

Food-wine pairing preferences at a greater extent will depend on individuals. But it’s irrefutable that certain wine types pair much better with certain groups of foods.

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A vineyard is most times described by it ‘terroir’, which is French for its sense of location.

This simply refers to that particular geographical as well as geological feature of a vineyard that may influence the taste of the wine it produces.

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Grapes used for making Wine

Most wine lovers are probably familiar with the commonly used varieties such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Actually there’s a long list of different varieties that hold surprises to wine lovers interested in exploring the world of wine.

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Alcohol and Distilleries


Michael Bredahl

Michael Bredahl

Wine Writer

Michael is an online enthusiast, with a lot of knowledge about online marketing. Traveling around the world to hunt for the perfect wine. Latest on Sicily, where Etna has a huge impact on the taste, which is strong with a bitter aftertaste for the youngest wines, but older wines are fantastic. Drinking wine, and writing about them, are one the passions. Remember to drink responsibly 🙂

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