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Piedmont Wine Region, Italy

Wines from the Finest Wine Region – Piedmont

Piedmont, which is located in the far north-western part of Italy, is among the finest wine regions of the world.

You might have heard some people referring to this as ‘Piemonte’. Both are interchangeably used worldwide.

One of the reasons for why this region is said to be the finest wine region, is that Piedmont has more DOCG wines than any other wine regions of Italy. Another reason is that the wines from this region are ideal for storage.

Wine grape varieties

Piedmont Wine region

The Piedmont region is giving us an entirely new set of wine grapes, which in turn produces wines with unique tastes. Piedmont is also the birthplace of two world famous wines – Barolo and Barbaresco!

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Alcohol and Distilleries

Differences Shown by Nebbiolo

Being the significant grape variety of Piedmont wines, Nebbiolo is seemed to be showing some differences with areas of cultivation.

There are a number of factors accounting for this difference, the major ones being soil, topography, and climate.

Now, we can split the Piedmont region as South and North to know the differences.

Nebbiolo of South Piedmont

Barolo and Barbaresco, which are the major wines from the southern regions of Piedmont, are 100% Nebbiolo and are red colored. Both these DOCG Piedmont wines are being produced only from Nebbiolo grape variety and are 100% Nebbiolo.

Barolo (King)

This is the wine which is among the country’s first wines to get DOCG promotion. In simple terms, Barolo can be said as the large, tannic articulation of Nebbiolo. Barolo is produced in the southwestern region of Alba, this soil of which is a mixture of clay and marl. This nature of the land helps in naturally reducing the high acidity of the grapes. Although the color of this wine will be pale brick red, this would give a bold mouth-feel for the drinkers due to the strong tannins and somewhat higher alcohol (≥13%). These wines will be aged for at least 18 months in the barrels.

Barbaresco (Queen)

Although Barbaresco is produced from the same grape variety that is used for getting Barolo, this wine has a different taste. Yes, similarities exist between them. However, the minute maritime impact of the Tanaro River is able to make this wine less tannic and more elegant. According to this DOCG stipulation, the Barbaresco wine should have at least 12.5% alcohol and must have undergone aging for at least two

Nebbiolo of North Piedmont

Nebbiolo of North Piedmont (Alto Piedmont), is being referred to as ‘spanna’. Here, Nebbiolo is mainly grown in the regions of Ghemme and Gattinara.

In contrast to Barolo and Barbaresco, these wines would have only 85 to 90% Nebbiolo. The remaining part of these wines will be the following grape varieties:

  • Bonada
  • Uva Rara
  • Vespolina

The aging period of Nebbiolo grapes in these wines is also found to be different from Barolo and Barbaresco wines.

The normal aging period of Ghemme is 34 months whereas the aging period of Gattinara is found to be 36 months.

Another difference in the Nebbiolo grapes from North as distinguished from those from southern parts of Piedmont is the acidity, which is higher.

The soils of these regions contain more morainic substances, which gives the Nebbiolo grapes of North Piedmont more mineral content than those from the southern parts.

Vineyards in Piedmont, Italy

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