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Baladin Brewery

From a Chicken Coop to Solar Powered Energy

The main idea for Baladin farm Brewery is to become a 100% independent craft brewery that is sustainable and self-sufficient and the electricity for the brewery is provided by solar panels on the roof that produces 80% of their electricity.

Matterino Teo Muso was born in Carru in 1964 and was influenced by his father, Enrico who was a respected grape farmer.

Teo decided to make unique craft beers that have reached worldwide success and it all started with a bar in 1986.

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The History

With the help of his friend Jean – Luis Dits, Teo produced his first brewing system in Belgium using old milk vats.

It was at this time that he began to think of new recipes and officially moved into the position of a brew master.

After 10 years the pub became a brewpub where beer was produced and sold with Teo making his very first craft beer.

Le Baladin Pub opened its doors in 1986 in Piozzo, a province in the commune of Cuneo, in the Italian region of Piedmont.

The pub was meant to become a brew pub and in the beginning started with Belgian beers and over 200 foreign beers sold in a pub environment.

The beers became successful and as time went on Matterino expanded his production but ran out of space and transformed his parent’s hen house into a fermentation cellar.

He needed to transport the beer and was forced to create the “beerduct” an underground 300 metre duct that transported the wort from Piozza’s main square to the hen house in 2000. He did this to avoid compromising the brew pub.

In the same year both Teo and his friend went to the U.K for a beer festival introducing themselves to other countries and by 2002 Baladin needed to expand once again as the brew pub was too small to house everything.

The equipment changed and needed more space which is when they decided to move into the hen house.

The Baladin Brewery

The hen house or chicken coop became too small and what once could house 500 litres turned into 1000 litres with success but needed to house even more than that and Teo was forced to move again.

This time he found a factory that could brew 2500 litres and would not compromise his DIY techniques as this was the secret to making craft beer.

The aluminium factory that he found was 2600 square metres in the nearby village of Farigliano where they renovated without destroying green areas.

By 2012 the Baladin factory became a farm brewery which could produce 12000 hectolitres with over 30 types of beer.

The intention is to produce craft beers from scratch which means the entire cycle of making beer starting with the earth and ending with the bottling process.

The barley malt comes from the fields in Basilicata and part of the hops comes from plantations in Piedmont.

The main idea for Baladin farm Brewery is to become a 100% independent craft brewery that is sustainable and self-sufficient and the electricity for the brewery is provided by solar panels on the roof that produces 80% of their electricity.

The Baladin Selezione, the distribution company sells products of Italy and the craft beers around Italy and abroad.

The beers of Baladin are corked which is a very unusual method for beers but Teo wanted it this way because they are sustainable and natural in order to be recycled.

He also wanted the beers to be connected to a natural element and wanted consumers to enjoy uncorking the bottle.

Caring for the environment is of the utmost importance at Baladin and both the brewery and the pubs are powered by renewable sources.

The Verde Dentro is energy made from a windmill source which provides power to the transport for the group by means of electric vehicles.

Beers from Baladin Brewery

Beers from: Italy - China - Japan - Denmark - Sweden - Finland - Iceland

The Beers of Baladin

The first draft beers created by Teo

  • Blonde
  • Ambree both in filtered and non filtered versions
  • Nelson
  • Nina
  • Brune

Spiced Beers

  • Isaac
  • Wayan
  • Nora

Pure Malt Beers

  • Super
  • Elixir
  • Leon
  • Hoppy Beers
  • Super Bitter
  • Nazionale

Special Beers

  • Mielika
  • Mama Kriek
  • Zucca
  • Noel Vanille
  • Yi – Er
  • Etrusca

Open Beers

  • Rock n Roll
  • Riserva
  • Noir

Cellar Beers

  • Riserva Teo Musso
  • Xyauyu Oro
  • Xyauyu Barrel
  • Xyauyu Fume
  • Lune
  • Terre
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Visit Baladin Brewery

The Baladin Experience

Visitors are welcome and the tour begins with the brew pub in the centre of the Piozza and the story of how it all began along with a tour to the ducts at the chicken coop and the cantina which now houses the barrels for beers that are aged.

A trip to the brewery will explain the meaning of each beer and once you have learned about what Teo was trying to convey through his beers, you will return to the Pub where you can taste the natural craft beers for yourself.

Contact information

Website: http://www.baladin.it/
Phone: +39 0173.778013

Tours and Events

Read more about the events, beer tasting and brewery tour.

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Localita’ Prella, 60,
12060 Farigliano (CN)

Find Baladin Brewery here:

GPS: 44° 30′ 41.859”, 7° 55′ 3.267”


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