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Bosco Agostino

Old School Traditions and the Kingdom of Wine

Italians can do more than wave their hands and shout out loud and a good saying that has come out of Italy is, “Dove regna il vino non regna il silenzio,” which translates to, “Where wine reigns silence does not reign.”

Bosco Agostino Farm

Flamboyant, loud and full of character are the Italians as they do everything with precision, perfection and most important, with balance.

Wine grape varieties

The Bosco Agostino farm can be found in the commune of La Morra, province of Cuneo in the Italian region of Piemonte (Piedmont).

It was first founded by Bosco Pietro with the intention of the farm being wine growing and grape production.

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The History

Since 1970 the farm produced grapes and sold only grapes.  In 1979 the grapes that were so meticulously grown were picked and used to make wine and before then, it was the only family that had been consuming it.

It became a popular business so much so that Bosco got his son; Agostino joined him in the business.

Agostino had a natural talent for the vineyard and the cellar, working with precision and patience.

Bosco Pietro passed away in 1983 and his son continued on to run the family business, including his wife and his son, Carla and Andrea.

Andrea received a winemaking diploma where he has dedicated his life to continual research and experimentation which has led to winemaking as an art for the Bosco family business and having one goal in mind; to produce grapes of the highest quality and transform it into a characteristic wine.

Remember to read the Wine Tasting guide…

The Vineyards and Winery

The cellar extended in March 2006 increasing the underground ageing and bottling area as well as the construction of new tasting and office facilities.

The vine area is about four hectares divided between Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, which are the grapes in that region.

Bosco produces about 240 000 bottles of wine each year and the vines that are used are 80% Bosco and 20% selected, using oak barrels as well as stainless steel tanks.

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The Wines

The family farm is known for their four signature bottles; Barolo, Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’ Alba and Langhe Nebbiolo which are characteristic to the area.

Barolo is a Garnet red, complex wine which is consumed long after its vintage with aromas of prunes and small fruits, hinting flavours of liquorice and spice.  It has a long shelf life and a Piemontese character.

Langhe Nebbiolo Rurem is a Ruby red wine with a fruity and floral aroma, hinting violet, berries and spices.

This wine is aged in the barrels and it is considered full and dry but pleasant to drink.

Barbera d’Alba Volupta has the overtones of red berry jam and it can be consumed 6 years after its vintage, but it is recommended that it be enjoyed 2 to 3 years after to get the best taste.

Dolcetto d’Alba Vantrin a deep purplish tinge and ruby red in colour is best consumed within three years of production.

The ruby wine has fruit scents with cherry being the dominant flavour.

Barolo D.O.C.G. La Serra Cru is fermented in stainless steel tanks and then held in Barriques for about six to seven months, transferred to Slavonian oak ageing for 23 months and then finally bottled in August and released in March.

This vino has the aromas of berried marmalade and brandied cherries with a hint of spice.

Barolo Neirane with its floral, violets and red fruits derives from the soil alongside the border of La Morra in a Cru of Verduno.

It is also fermented in the tanks and transferred into the oak barrels before being bottled.

The region is known as the Barolo kingdom and it includes 11 towns located south of Alba in Piemonte.

La Morra is the highest of these towns where you can enjoy the carpet like view of the vines.

A sub,  Alpine region and if you are interested in paying them a visit, you can experience the passion and precision that they put into their wines when you experience the taste.

Visit Bosco Agostino farm

With the picturesque setting and the old school viticulture, visiting the area and exploring the cellar is a must do to feel the old and new collide.

Andrea intertwines old and new keeping the traditions of his grandfather alive and as the town is known for the distinctive characteristic grapes that are used in the region, it is of great interest to see what the final product becomes.

In the cellar you will find the stainless steel tanks as well as the traditional barrels that create the well known and awarded wines that have been so perfectly and patiently created.

For the Bosco Agostino farm, it is an art and this can not only be seen but experienced in every taste and sip that hits the tip of your tongue and touches into the senses that will leave you feeling alive and wanting to go back for more.

Contact Information

Bosco Agostino
Website: http://www.barolobosco.com/
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +39 0173 509466

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Bosco Agostino
Via Fontane, 24
12064 La Morra, Piedmont, Italy


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