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Puglia Wine Region

Italy’s Secret to Value is here

The reason why Italy is one of the largest wine producers in the world is largely because of Puglia.

This, which is a longer and thinner wine region located in the far southeastern corner of the country, is contributing almost 17% of the Italy’s total wine production.

If you really want to taste some fruity and ripe red wines that too at affordable costs, then have Puglia as your first choice. Why I say this is because it is from this region some of the best value Italian wines are coming.
Wine grape varieties
Here is some valuable information about viticulture in this important wine of Italy.

Difference between Southern and Northern Puglia

Why I grouped southern Puglia as different from the northern part is because there are some significant cultural, as well as geographical differences between them.

Therefore, the wines are also different!

The southern Puglia is running from the heel of the Italian peninsula whereas, the northern part of the region is found to be mouaThe southern Puglia is running from the heel of the Italian peninsula whereas, the northern part of the region is found to be mountainous and seemed to be connected to the viticultural and vinicultural practices of Central Italy.

We can see that the southern Puglia doesn’t have this connection and is found to be almost flat. Also, this part is found to be retaining a strong link with its Greco-Roman history.
ntainous and seemed to be connected to the viticultural and vinicultural practices of Central Italy.

North and South United by Viticulture

Although the northern and southern parts of Puglia are found to be varying in various things, one factor that is commonly seen in both these parts is the viticulture.

Overall, Puglia is flourishing as the biggest wine producer in Italy with a total of 29 different DOC wine regions.

In addition, we can also find that the region is having some outstanding vintages of its own. Also, it’s been holding a strong reputation as a prolific source of red wine grape varieties in the whole of Italy.
Alcohol and Distilleries

Current Status of Wine Production in Puglia

At present, the region has more than 86,000 hectares under vine cultivation, which are producing over 5,900,000 hectolitres of wine each year.

Of these, around one million hectolitres of wine are seemed to be used for producing DOC and/or DOCG wines and another two million hectolitres are being used for the production of IGT wines.

The region has five well-defined wine districts, which are namely:

  • Daunia and the High Murgia
  • Murge
  • Lower Murgia and Itria Valley
  • Messapia
  • Salento

It is to be noted that the white wines are contributing only about 20% of the regions total wine production.

Wine Grapes of Puglia

As I mentioned earlier, the region is more popular for its red wine grape varieties. Of them, the signature indigenous grape variety is found to be the Negroamaro.

This is also the most widely cultivated wine grape variety in Puglia.

This is found to be exclusively cultivated here and is being used for producing some of the best wines of the region. Next in the list of Puglias famous grape variety is the Primitivo.

The wines that are produced from this grape variety are generally high in their alcohol levels.
The genetic structure of this grape variety is found to be in-line with the Zinfandel variety.

Among the whites, Verdeca variety is the only salient example in this red-dominated region. Apart from these major grape varieties, we can also find some other grape varieties too.

Examples of such varieties include:

  • Sangiovese
  • Montepulciano
  • Nero di Troia
  • Aglianico
  • Susumaniello
  • Malvasia Nera
  • Aleatico
  • Fiano Minutolo
  • Moscato
  • Bombino Bianco
  • Greco
  • Bianco dAlessano

In addition to these, this region is also found to be nesting some international varieties like Chardonnay and Sauvignon.

These, by rubbing shoulders with the above-mentioned varieties, are found to be producing some outstanding results!

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Tharani Rajamanickam


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