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Sardinia Wine Region

Excellent Wines of Sardinia!

Sardinia, which is the second biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is located at about 240 kilometers from the west coast of Mainland Italy.

This island, which is known by the name Sardegna by the local inhabitants, is an important wine region with lots of DOC, DOCG, and IGT wine zones.

This wine region, which has belonged to different empires, as well as kingdoms during the ancient times, is found to be having a distinctive portfolio of wine grapes.

Wine grape varieties

Let’s see about the excellent wine grapes of Sardinia here…

Viticulture in Sardinia

As a wine lover, what we could see as the first thing while tasting the Sardinia wines is that these wines are having only a little in common with the other Italian wines.

Why is this difference? Well, Sardinia is one of the five autonomous regions in Italy right from the middle of the 18th century.

This detachment of the region from the mainland Italy is found to be reflected in the wines of Sardinia. The portfolio of wine grapes that is being planted in this region’s vineyards is quite different from those that are grown in other Italian regions.

The unique characteristics of Sardinian wines are found to be more comparable to the Spanish wines than Italian ones.

Although the closest wine regions to Sardinia are Tuscany and Lazio, the major varieties of these regions like Sangiovese, Trebbiano, and others cannot be seen in Sardinia.

On contrary, we could see the following Spanish and French origin grape varieties here:

• Grenache
• Carignan
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Bobal

The only Italian wine grape varieties that can be seen in Sardinia are Malvasia and Vermentino.
One particular wine grape variety called Muscat Blanc which can be found all over the Mediterranean regions can also be found in Sardinia and this is found to be contributing to the pan-Mediterranean feel of this region’s winemaking.

The Sardinia region is found to be having more DOC and IGT zones in spite of having the least amount of wine production per hectare in the country.

In total, the region is home to one DOCG, 19 DOC, and 15 IGT appellations with the majority of the region’s vineyards lying on the western side of Sardinia.

White Wine Industry of Sardinia

I would say that the white wine industry of Sardinia is distinguished from the other Italian wine regions by the grape varieties that cannot be seen easily in the other parts.

Nuragus is the best example for such variety which is having a historical significance too!

Apart from Nuragus, we can also find some clones of classic Mediterranean varietals like Moscato and Malvasia here.

In general, wines made from Sardinia’s Vermentino wines are more popular and are often bottled as Vermentino di Sardegna DOC and Vermentino di Gallura with the latter being the only DOCG appellation of this region.

In Sardinia, we can find that the white wines are produced in high quantities and with higher alcohol contents.

Alcohol and Distilleries

Red Wine Industry of Sardinia

We could find a stronger Spanish influence on the Sardinian red wines too. Cannonau is the best example for this and is found to be related to Garnacha of Spain.

Monica is another wine grape variety of Spanish origin.

Apart from these important red varieties, Carignano which is again from Spain, is also found to be performing well in this region.

Exclusive Grape Varieties in Sardinia

Apart from the major grape varieties that are mentioned above, we could find many uncertain and exclusive grape varieties in Sardinia.

There are few examples of such exclusive varieties in Sardinia

  • Torbato
  • Semidano
  • Niederra
  • Nasco

We can see some of these varieties being showcased in the DOC wines that are variety-specific.

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