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Alcamo Wine Region

Historical Wine Territory of Italy

Alcamo, which is a DOC wine region in Italy, is located in the Palermo province in Sicily.

A 30-km journey to the southwest of the Palermo City would take you this region, which is found to be an important historical wine territory in the country.

This region is also found to be playing an important role in the commercialization of Sicilian wines in the global wine market. The DOC, which is named after the Alcamo, is covering a total of nine communes.

Now, let’s see everything about the Alcamo wine region in detail here.

Wine grape varieties

A Detailed Look at the Alcamo DOC

Where is this DOC region exactly located? Well, the Alcamo wine region is located just east of the Trapani Province.

As I mentioned above, the catchment of the Alcamo DOC is covering nine communes, which are namely:

  • Calatafimi
  • Castellammare del Golfo
  • Gibellina
  • Balestrate
  • Camporeale
  • Monreale
  • Partinico
  • San Cipirello
  • San Giuseppe Jato

The Alcamo DOC title was created in the year 1972 and was covering only the white Alcamo Bianco wines initially. But, after the review of the local wine laws during the year 1999, the title was expanded to cover all kinds of wines from this region.

As such, the present day Alcamo DOC status is covering all the red, rose, and white wines from this region. This DOC is covering even the foaming, early-drinking, and sweet wine types.

A Quick Look at the Landscape of Alcamo DOC Wine Region

The majority of the land area that has been covered by the Alcamo DOC wine region is found to be consisting of rolling hills that drop gently into the Mediterranean coast at the Gulf of Castellammare.

Immediately surrounding the city of Alcamo, we can see a topographically dramatic region that is capped by Monte Bonifato.

This is an isolated mountain with a height of 825 meters. This mountain, which was playing an important role in the city’s defense, is now having an undulating landscape of vineyard regions.
Alcohol and Distilleries

Wines from the Alcamo Region

Traditionally, the Alcamo DOC wine region was famous for its classico white wines that were produced from the Catarratto grape variety.

But, we could see that the future of the Alcamo wine is found to be lying in the red wines and other varietals that have been introduced into this region more recently.

In an attempt to adapt to the advancements in technology and consumer trends, the region has started producing a number of varietal wines under the Alcamo DOC title.

Currently, there are 28 producers of DOC wines in Alcamo.

List of Alcamo DOC Wine Producers

  • Principe di Corleone Bianco Alcamo
  • Firriato Alcamo Bianco
  • I Classici Alcamo Bianco DOC Firriato
  • Cantine Rallo Alcamo Carta dOro
  • Carta dOro” Catarratto Alcamo Dop Bio
  • Alcamo Bianco Û Duca di Castelmonte-Sizilien
  • Firriato I Classici Alcamo Bianco
  • Firriato Bianco Alcamo
  • Bianco Alcamo DOC -Firriato Firriato Sicilië
  • Cantina Foraci Alcamo Bianco Conte Ruggero
  • Cantine Rallo Alcamo Nero dAvola
  • Rallo Alcamo Nero dAvola Rosso di Sicilia
  • Molino a Vento Alcamo Bianco Sigilia
  • Tenuta Rapitala
  • Alcamo. Cusumano
  • Ceuso Rosso IGT Sicilia Vigna Custera
  • Rallo Carta dOro Bianco dAlcamo DOC Sicilia
  • Foraci Conte Ruggero
  • Rapitala Cielo dAlcamo
  • Firriato Alcamo
  • Bianco Alcamo Cantine Paolini 75
  • Solcanto” Rosso Alcamo
  • Rapitalà Alcamo
  • Pollara Giada Bianco

Grape Varieties in Alcamo

Even now, the major grape variety that can be found in the Alcamo region is found to be Catarratto. The other major grape varieties of the region are as follows:


  • Nero d’Avola
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Syrah


  • Grillo
  • Inzolia
  • Grecanino
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Chardonnay



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