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Faro Wine Region

Red Hot Wines from Faro of Sicily

Sicily, which is one of the Italian wine regions, is famous for its high-quality wines with great characters. Faro is a DOC wine district of Sicily, which is located on its extreme eastern corner.

Its geographical center, the city of Messina received the official DOC designation during the year 1976.

Wine from Faro, Sicily, Italy

Faro is an illustrious red wine district right from the historical times. Yes, this is why I gave the title red hot wines from Faro!

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Now, let’s see about the wines from this important Italian wine district of Sicily in detail here. Read on…

Taking a Look at the Viticulture of Faro

It has been found that the Faro district is having a long-term connection with viticulture. The local wines started flourishing in this district from the 14th century itself.

These were the times when the Sicily was ruled by the house of Aragon.

Sometime after this, the district faced a dramatic decline in the wine production and during the 18th century, the decline of Faro’s wine production was at its peak.

When we take a glance at the viticulture of Faro, what we can note is the southeast facing vineyards. As such, these vineyards are planted on the steep slopes at the gradient levels of about 78%.

I would say that the microclimate of Faro is absolutely distinctive and this is the major reason for the uniqueness offered by these wines.

It can be observed that there is an added advantage with the topography of the Faro district as it creates a number of mesoclimates. These climates enable the winemakers of Faro to capitalize.

Moreover, there is a strait below the mountainous zone which is aiding in the moderation of temperatures in the hot climate zones of the Faro wine district.

More Details about the Faro DOC

As I mentioned earlier, the Faro DOC is for the red, dry wines that are produced from the local native grape varieties.

The grape varieties that are permitted for use in the production of Faro DOC wines are:

  • Nerello Mascalese
  • Nerello Cappuccio
  • Nocera
  • Cappuccio Tignolino
  • Acitana
  • Galatena
  • Calabrese

Of these, the first two are found to be the dominant varietals while the others are being used in smaller quantities. What makes the red wines from Faro hot is the method of preparation which includes the following steps:

  • Soft pressing fermentation process under controlled temperature conditions
  • Ripening in barrels
  • Aging in air-conditioned settings

It is to be noted here that the vinification process will be carried out in the small stainless steel tanks, whereas; the aging and maturation steps are carried out in oak barrels.

The Faro DOC wines will be ruby red-colored and these would come with notes of jasmine, ripe fruits, and cardamom. There will be some spiciness in the background of these wines with the nuances of vanilla and noble wood.

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Connection between Faro Wines and Etna Wines

It has been found that most of the Faro wines are produced using a trio of the following grape varieties:

  • Nerello Mascalese
  • Nerello Cappuccio
  • Nocera

Yes, first two are the dominant varieties and the Nocera variety will be added up to 10%. If you are aware of the Etna wines, you can understand that this is the same blend that is being used in the production of Etna wines – the wines from the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna.

Similar to the Etna vineyards, the vineyards in the Faro wine district are also predominantly planted on the mountainous slopes. But, the only difference between the vineyards of Faro and Etna is that the Faro district has multiple hills in contrast to Etna which has only one.



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Tharani Rajamanickam


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