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Noto Wine Region

The Most Celebrated Wine District of Sicily

Why I call Noto as the most celebrated wine district of Sicily is because of the region’s grape variety called Nero d’Avola.

This is considered to be the most important grape variety of the whole Sicilian wine region of Italy and Noto is the place where this important variety thrives well!

So, without any doubt, it’s right to call Noto as the most celebrated wine district of Sicily. So, where is this Noto actually located? Well, Noto is located at the extreme southeastern corner of Sicily and is found to be one of the hottest parts of the Island.

Wine grape varieties

Let’s see about the wines of Noto in detail here….

Status of Viticulture in Noto

When we take a look at the status of winemaking in Noto, we can understand that the investors have flocked to this wine district during the past 15 years.

However, the winemaking has been abandoned hugely in Noto during the last decades of the 20th century.

When I had a look at the history of winemaking in this region, I found that this region was infamous for its overripe Nero d’Avola between the 1950’s and the 1970’s.

Until the late 1970’s, the port near Pachino was buying grapes from a variety of small vine growers.
By the 1980s, the region’s winemaking was hugely abandoned.

This was the true status of viticulture in Noto until the 1990s during when ‘Nero d’Avola’ got its life. From then on, several investors from in and around Sicily have invested in this spiritual home of Nero d’Avola!

What’s so special about Noto when it comes to Nero d’Avola?

It’s simply because the vineyards all around Noto especially near to the Pachino region are perfect for the growth of this grape variety.

Although Nero d’Avola can be found all over the Sicily region this grape variety is found to be at its best in the Noto district.

The major factors that are boosting the growth of Nero d’Avola in Noto are the hot days and cooler nights along with the low rainfall levels.

In addition to these, Noto is experiencing an excellent combination of microclimate and soil which is found to be supporting the growth of this grape variety perfectly well.

The arid climatic conditions along with the white, calcareous soils are responsible for the deep colors, strength, elegance, and more complex aromas of the Noto wines that are being made from Nero d’Avola. These can’t be found anywhere else on the Island!

Alcohol and Distilleries

A Look at the Noto as a DOC Wine Region

At present, Noto is a DOC wine region of Italy. This region was awarded the DOC designation during the year 2008 and is covering the wines that were previously sold under the title of Moscato di Noto.

Traditionally, this wine district was very famous for the Muscat wines that are produced using the Moscato Bianco grape variety.

Now, several producers have restarted the production of Moscato di Noto in two different versions: dry and dessert.

These wines are the younger-drinking and highly fragranced substitutes to the highly acclaimed Moscato di Siracusa wines and are produced from the region’s own clone of Moscato grape variety.

The dry version of these wines would give a crispy, citrusy taste along with the aromas of white flowers. On the other hand, the dessert version of Moscato di Noto would give the citrus aromas along with the flavors of pastry cream and pistachio.

It is to be noted that both these versions are coming with higher acidity levels. It has been found that the red wines of Noto wines are made only in smaller quantities at present.

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Tharani Rajamanickam

Tharani Rajamanickam


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