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Salina IGT Wines

Finest Malvasia Wines from Salina IGT

Salina, which is an Aeolian Island, is located on the northern side of Sicily. With a total surface area of ten square meters, this region has about 4,000 residents at present.

Because of its exclusive volcanology, this region has been included in the World Heritage List.

When it comes to vegetation, the region has over 400 types of plants. Of these, wine grapes are among the major crops.

As the title suggests, Salina is among the many regions in Sicily with an IGT title and is particularly famous for its Malvasia wines.

Wine grape varieties
Now, let’s see everything about the Salina IGT wine region here…

Salina IGT at a Glance

According to the Italian wine appellation laws, the Salina IGT is covering all the vineyards in the Aeolian Island.

Literally, a Salina IGT wine could be made in any of the following wine styles:

  • Red
  • White
  • Rosé
  • Still
  • Sparkling
  • Dry
  • Sweet

But, we can see that the wine production is restricted to the long-established wine grape varieties and styles in the Aeolian Islands.

Unlike several other Italian wine regions which are innovating or experimenting, the Salina IGT region has only a few wine growers who are imposing diversification.

This is the very reason for the use of only the long-established grape varieties in these islands.
As such, the grape varieties that are found in the Salina IGT vineyards are as follows:

  • Malvasia
  • Corinto Nero
  • Catarratto
  • Inzolia
  • Nerello Cappuccio

As I mentioned earlier, the region is famous for its Malvasia wines and in particular Malvasia delle Lipari.

A Short Note on Malvasia delle Lipari

Malvasia delle Lipari is the Italian DOC wine that is produced in the Lipari region of the Aeolian Islands.

This is the largest of the Aeolian Islands and is found to be the most productive region in terms of wine grape cultivation.

This DOC title covers the white wines that are made using Malvasia Bianca grape variety although Corinto Nero variety is sometimes permitted.

The Malvasia delle Lipari wines must have at least 18% alcohol and a minimum of 6% residual sugar.

These wines are found to be varying in their levels of sweetness and the lighter and drier ones are preferred for consuming with main dishes.

Those Malvasia delle Lipari wines that are marked as dolce naturale are much sweeter than the normal ones.

There is another variation called Malvasia delle Lipari Liquoroso, which is being fortified with grape spirits.

These wines will have up to 20% alcohol and will be subjected to aging for at least six months.
It is to be noted that the array of Malvasia wines was once more famous in Italy.

But today, we can see that the Malvasia delle Lipari is among the surviving Malvasias in the country with most of them having faded due to the trend changes among the consumers.

The wine consumers are seen moved to the serious reds and white wines in the recent times.
present and future of Salina IGT.

We could observe that there have been a lot of changes in the wine administration of Italy during the last ten years.

These changes were mainly due to the transfer of responsibilities to the administrators of the European Union.

Due to this, the Sicilia IGT has been changed to Sicilia DOC in an attempt to promote the wholesale wine sales and the Terre Siciliane, which is a region-wide IGT title for the whole Sicily and all the outlying islands, was created.

This IGT title is found to be overlapping with the Salina IGT and it is possible that the Salina IGT can be scrapped due to lack of usage in the future. However, this is not confirmed yet!

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