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Trento DOC, Italy

Discovering the Trento DOC Wines

Trento, the capital of Trentino, is among the popular wine regions of Italy.

Although Trentino has several DOC wine regions, Trento DOC is well known for its quality and distinction.

Trento DOC, Italy

Discovering the Trento DOC Wines

Trento, the capital of Trentino, is among the popular wine regions of Italy.

Although Trentino has several DOC wine regions, Trento DOC is well known for its quality and distinction.

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A Brief History of Trento Wines

The history of Trento DOC wines can be dated back to 1900 and it is known to be the second appellation in the world only after the most famous Méthode Champenoise for Champagne has got its appellation.

This was developed by the Trentinos in order to make sure the great quality, as well as the distinctive taste of the wines from Trento wine region of Italy.

The wine production in this region was initiated when Giulio Ferrari brought Chardonnay grapes to Trento in 1990s.

At that time, Trento was still belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Till today, the wine producing company started by Ferrari is run by his third generation successor, ‘Bruno Lunelli’.

Understanding the Vineyards of Trento DOC Wine Region

The Trento DOC wine region of Italy is experiencing pristine alpine climatic conditions.

This climate setting in this region is responsible for the pure air and water resources.

In addition, the Trento region has an excellent soil which is most important for the cultivation of wine grapes here.

Furthermore, the wide temperature between daytime and night-time in this region is more helpful for the flavour development in the wine grapes.

Apart from Ferrari, this region has over 40 wineries producing the world famous Trento DOC wines like Pinot grigio.

The most important wineries of Trento are Ferrari, Cavit, Rotari, and Cesarini Sforza.

Grape Varieties Used in Trento DOC Wines

Although the whole Trentino wine region has many allowed grape varieties to be used in the production of wines, the Trento DOC has only four principal grape varieties.

The major white grape varieties of Trento DOC are Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco and the major red grape varieties are Pinot Meunier and Pinot Nero.

To be used in the production of Trento DOC wines, these principle varieties must be cultivated in well-defined regions with the Province of Trento.

Process of Trento DOC Winemaking

In general, the process of Trento DOC winemaking has more requirements than the most famous methods like ‘Methodo Claissico’ and ‘Méthode Champenoise’.

Here, the wines are to be made using some special techniques that are specific to the Trento wine region.

This factors that are to be considered are the ways in which the vines are:

  • Planted
  • Cultivated
  • Pruned
  • Hand-harvested

In the process of Trento DOC winemaking, we could find that the forcing is not allowed.

Also, the irrigation will be permitted only during emergency situations.

As per the appellation laws, the maximum yield of vines must be 150 q.l./hectare while the maximum yield of grapes must be only around 70%.

The non-vintage wines must have a minimum resting period of resting is 15 months whereas the vintage wines must rest for 24 months.

When it comes to riserva, the minimum resting period must be 36 months.

In the case of sparkling Trento DOC wines, a second fermentation must happen in the bottles in a way similar to that of Méthode Champenoise.

According to the Trento DOC appellation laws, the minimum alcohol content for all the wines must be at least 11.5% except for riserva, for which the alcohol content must be at least 12%.

Thus, for a wine bottle to have a Trento DOC label, that particular wine should be made following the strict standards.

And, this is how we get the highest quality wines in our hands to taste!


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