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Wines from Carmignano

The lesser-known DOCG wine region

This is a significant wine region of Tuscany with almost 270 acres of vineyards and is known to be producing about 71,500 gallons of DOCG wines every year.

Each and every wine lover across the world must be aware of the world-famous Tuscany wine region of Italy.

Several of them would have visited the region and most of them would have tasted at least few wine varietals from this region.

Let’s learn about the lesser-known Carmignano region that is located within the Tuscany here. This is a DOCG wine region with its history of winemaking dating back to as early as the 14th century.

Wine grape varieties

This is a significant wine region of Tuscany with almost 270 acres of vineyards and is known to be producing about 71,500 gallons of DOCG wines every year.

Although it is lesser-known to the outer world, I think it’s important for us to read about this region being a wine lover.

History and Location of Carmignano Wine Region

As I mentioned above, the history of winemaking in the city of Carmignano is dating back to the 14th century.

A historical document suggests that during the year 1369, the wines of Carmignano were almost four times costlier than any other wine in the globe.

It can be understood that the wines of Carmignano were celebrated right from the middle ages when they were identified as the superior winemaking region in Tuscany by Cosimo III de’ Medici and granted some special legal securities in the year 1716.

So, where is this region exactly located? This DOCG region is found to be cantered on the city of Carmignano, which is located at about 16 kilometres northwest of the Florence region.

History of the Italian wine industry suggests that Carmignano is one of the earliest regulated wine names of the country, and was in place long before the enactment of DOC and DOCG wine appellations.

All about the Carmignano DOCG

Although the wines from Carmignano wine region were very popular, initially they were included into the Chianti title and were sold as Chianti Montalbano.

It was only during the year 1975 that this region acquired its DOC title as a result of campaigning and other hard efforts carried out by the vignerons of the region.

And in the year 1990, the region was promoted to DOCG status. At present, the Carmignano DOCG is found to be covering nearly 270 acres of planted vineyards.

Most of the vineyards of this DOCG are found to be located on a range of low-lying hills. As such, the vineyards are found to be planted at the heights of about 50 to 200 meters above the sea level.

Here, the soils are found to be rich in lime contents and are free draining in nature. This region is experiencing hotter days and cooler nights.

The terroirs here are found to be appropriate for quality vine cultivation, especially for the Sangiovese grape variety. As per the DOCG wine appellation laws, the Carmignano DOCG wines must constitute at least 50% of Sangiovese variety in the blend.

The other grape varieties that are allowed for use under this DOCG are:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc: up to 10–20%
  • Canaiolo Nero: up to 20%
  • Mammolo and Colorino: up to 5%
  • Trebbiano or Malvasia: up to 10%

Alcohol and Distilleries

Winemaking and Wine Styles in Carmignano

The wines of Carmignano are produced as dry reds and are found to be more similar in style to its neighbor Chianti.

In general, these wines are medium-bodied with lower acidic levels and more pronounced tannin levels.

The Cabernet portion of the Carmignano blends is giving these wines some essence of chocolate and aging potential.

If these wines are aged for at least three years, then they would qualify for the Riserva designation.



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