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Akashi Tai – Junmai Daiginjo 72cl Bottle


Akashi Tai – Junmai Daiginjo 72cl Bottle

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Akashi-Tai Junmai Daiginjo uses only the very best of this variety – the top grade of the most highly prized Yamada Nishiki rice grown in a district of Hyogo so renowned for fine sake-making rice it was even given its own designation of Special A Zone. This fine rice is polished until only 40% of the grain remains, after which, two months are devoted to nurturing the Akashi-Tai sake to completion – about twice as long as most conventional sakes. Polishing away the outer portion of the rice grain results in a sake that combines rich yet crisp flavour with sophisticated aroma and depth. Limited stock.

Sake from TheDrinkShop

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