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Blandys – Alvada 50cl Bottle


Blandys – Alvada 50cl Bottle

Madeira & Marsala from TheDrinkShop

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Both the modern packaging and the new style of Alvada 5 Year Old Madeira have been designed with contemporary tastes in mind. It is virtually unheard of for a Madeira wine to be blended from two of the classic grape varieties. But in order to provide something new for existing Madeira drinkers and to tempt new drinkers on board, Alvada combines Malmsey for its classic richness and Bual for its subtle dry fruit and apricot notes. The result? Alvada retains the rich opulence of traditional Madeira yet lifts it with a fresh twist. The contemporary palate confirms the first impressions of the stylish, new packaging. 50% Bual and 50% Malmsey.

Madeira & Marsala from TheDrinkShop

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apricot, Dry fruit


Bual, Malmsey, Malvasia


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