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Blue Marlin 24x 330ml Bottles


Blue Marlin 24x 330ml Bottles

Lager from TheDrinkShop

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Blue Marlin has been swimming in our market since 1990. Released as a strong beer with a 6% alcohol content, Blue Marlin was rapidly caught and became a very familiar brand to Mauritians and consumers overseas. Today, it’s becoming the fastest growing beer in terms of market share. Its special type of brew with the finest hops and barley, has always made it a premium beer. And it’s no surprise that, in 1992, it was hooked as the Gold Medal Monde Selection. In 2000, its label needed a skin lift. A new look was designed, to portray more the premium than the strong aspect of the beer. And in 2006, it was again time to be re-looked, to fit its image which is a modern, innovative and refreshing brand. Even though it’s skin has changed looks over the years, its taste still remains the same, that is, the taste of a premium beer.

Lager from TheDrinkShop

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