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Choya – Umeshu Royal Honey 70cl Bottle


Choya – Umeshu Royal Honey 70cl Bottle

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Choya Umeshu Royal Honey

Umeshu Royal Honey from Choya is made from Japanese ume fruit and 100% natural honey with royal jelly added.

This is a traditional Japanese fruit liqueur made from the finest and freshest Japanese Nanko-ume fruit with natural ume acidity.

Sweetened only by 100% natural honey with royal jelly which is rich in vitamins.

This gives it a mild sweetness & pleasant honey aroma followed by notes of almond and marzipan.

Sake from TheDrinkShop

Read more about Choya Royal Honey or download the PDF

Depending on the vintage, it could be 15% vol from previous productions, but newest productions are 17% vol.

Serving Umeshu Royal Honey


Pour in a cold glas, and enjoy the taste of Umeshu, made of 100% pure Japanese Ume.

On the rocks

Add ice to the straight, then its on-the-rocks.

Hot Choya

Served hot

Choya Honey and Champagne

60ml Choya Honey
60ml Champagne
Pour the Choya honey into a Champagne glas, and top up with Champagne.

Choya Golden Bridge

45ml Choya honey
20ml Vodka
Mix the Choya honey and Vodka in a Martini glass.

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