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Distilleries Provence – RinQuinQuin a la Peche 75cl Bottle


Distilleries Provence – RinQuinQuin a la Peche 75cl Bottle

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The term RinQuinQuin was originally a generic word. In the Provencal language it means invigorating drink (from the verb requinquilhar : to cheer up). People used to give names to their favourite aperitifs or digestifs. Today, it is becoming synonymous with ‘peach wine’. This aperitif has a base made of white wine, alcohol, infusions of peaches, peach tree leaves and sugar. Peach trees : originally found in Persia, peach trees came to Provence during the Roman era. Long ago, in Provence, peach trees were often seen as having therapeutic properties, something that has been totally forgotten today. The leaves, blossoms, stones and gum from peach trees were used as medicine. The fruit is harvested when ripe. They select several varieties of peaches, including the following three : – Cardinal peaches, with their orange-red skin and pale yellow, juicy meat. – Coronet peaches are white, juicy and flavourful. – Junegold peaches have orange-yellow skin and light yellow and tasty meat. The leaves are harvested from the peach trees sometime in September. The peaches and leaves are macerated separately in alcohol and wine in order to extract the parts that are soluble. At the end of the required maceration period (six months to one year), the infusions that are obtained are separated into two parts. The liquid part is added to the white wine. The solid part is distilled and then added. RinQuinQuin aperitif should be enjoyed straight up, chilled, and with ice cubes if you prefer. RinQuinQuin goes well with foie gras. It may also be used to flavour fruit salads (1 tablespoon; berries are suggested).

Speciality from TheDrinkShop

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