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Dr Adam Elmegirabs – Spanish Bitters 100ml Bottle


Dr Adam Elmegirabs – Spanish Bitters 100ml Bottle

Cocktail Bitters from TheDrinkShop

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Colour/Nose – Copper coloured. Wood spice, chamomile and burnt citrus. Palate – Initial sweetness followed by predominant chamomile and layers of complex flavour including coriander, raspberry, honey, citrus and pomegranate. Finish – Long bittersweet finish with a hint of violet. Overproof spirit and eight botanicals including chamomile, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander seed and orris root. Originally available in the 1800’s. Maceration – Eight botanicals steeped in overproof spirit for no less than two weeks. Dilution – Diluted to bottling strength with Scottish water. Coloured with caramel.

Cocktail Bitters from TheDrinkShop

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