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Guinness – Foreign Extra Stout 24x 330ml Bottles


Guinness – Foreign Extra Stout 24x 330ml Bottles

Stout & Porter from TheDrinkShop

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Guinness Foreign Extra Stout captures our gift to the world: deep, rich and satisfying beer. Originally brewed in Dublin and first exported in 1802 it’s been brewed locally throughout Asia, Africa and the Caribbean since the 1960s. Here, it’s the undisputed Guinness beer of choice. Today, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is a Guinness world-beater 40% of the world’s Guinness Beer is a little foreign and has a little extra. Extra Stout: Export Class Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is brewed with extra hops to give it distinctive character and extra shelf-life in warmer climates. It’s an export-class beer for countries with a taste for distinction. Experience it as it was meant to be enjoyed; in a glass or as it comes, straight from the bottle.

Stout & Porter from TheDrinkShop

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