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Hugel et Fils – Tradition Muscat 2012 75cl Bottle


Hugel et Fils – Tradition Muscat 2012 75cl Bottle

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Fresh, young and alert, with a joyful aromatic expression and a nice Muscat perfume. It is also very floral, with the liveliness and bite that are the first requirements of such a wine : to be dry, refreshing and easy to enjoy, light, crisp and aromatic, a true Alsace Muscat in fact. Drink it well chilled at 6- 8 DegreesC as soon as it hits the glass, so as not to miss the aromatic sparkle of the Muscat grape on the tongue, and the unfailing sensation of unquenchable thirst that assails me when tasting a fine Alsace Muscat. Drink it without hesitation as an aperitif, or with goat’s cheese, or with dishes that can even be strong-flavoured or spicy.

White Wine from TheDrinkShop

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Wine name

Hugel et Fils - Tradition Muscat


Italy, Piedmont



Quantity (cl)




Serving temperature

6 - 8 degrees celsius

Food parings

goat's cheese, spicy dishes, strong-flavored dishes


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