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Nardini – Bianca 40 70cl Bottle


Nardini – Bianca 40 70cl Bottle

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A smoother and more accessible version of Nardini’s flagship ‘Bianca’ grappa, thanks to its lower 40% abv. While it has a more gentle mouthfeel, Nardini Bianca 40 shares the same floral/vegetal nose and the same taste hallmarks as the ‘classic’ 50% product that has won Nardini so much global acclaim: layered lemon zest, dark chocolate and cinnamon notes with a dry finish of lemon meringue and jasmine. This 40% grappa ‘cut’ was originally given as payment to the local DOC winemakers in Veneto and Friuli who provided Nardini with their precious vinaccia (or pomace) but the distiller ceased production when it upgraded its distillery in 1982. It’s now back, following demand from export markets for a soft, ‘entry-level’ grappa, albeit one of great quality and genuine sophistication.

Grappa from TheDrinkShop

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Wine name

Nardini - Bianca 40



Quantity (cl)



Floral, vegetal

Flavour finish

Cinnamon, dark chocolate, jasmine, lemon meringue, lemon zest


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