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Nardini – Riserva 15 Year Old 35cl Bottle


Nardini – Riserva 15 Year Old 35cl Bottle

Grappa from TheDrinkShop

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Riserva 15 Anni is a prestigious bottling created to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the Nardini distillery in Bassano del Grappa. Launched in 2004, it became the first new product to be introduced by the distiller in 76 years. Aged for fifteen years in Slovanian oak, the grappa is soft and intense, with complex flavours bolstered by the remarkably long ageing period. Some say it is redolent of an Amagnac or even an Islay malt. Either way, it is very much a post-prandial grappa combining extremely well with strong dark cigars (wherever you may be allowed to do that sort of thing) Appearance: Deep golden colour, with amber reflections. Bouquet: Fragrant, distinct and full with overtones of wood and resin. Palate: Soft, intense and slightly sweet, complex aftertaste with hints of spice, vanilla and tobacco.

Grappa from TheDrinkShop

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