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Rubicon – Pomegranate Juice Drink 1 Litre Carton


Rubicon – Pomegranate Juice Drink 1 Litre Carton

Fruit Juice from TheDrinkShop

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The Pomegranate, also sometimes referred to as the Anar fruit is stepped in history and myth. Pomegranate’s name comes from The Latin for fruit of many seeds and is hotly touted as the new wonder health fruit. The fruit features a characterestic crown and beneath the tough leathery skin are hundreds of little sacks (arils) packed full of rubi red Pomegranate juice. Rubicon carefully selects the finest fruits and expertly crushes the whole Pomegranate to produce a simply delicious Pomegranate super juice.

Fruit Juice from TheDrinkShop

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