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Terre di Valgrande – Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2011 6x 75cl Bottles


Terre di Valgrande – Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2011 6x 75cl Bottles

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Amarone is produced in small quantities using traditional methods. It is characterized by carefully selecting grapes and drying them before wine-making. During this process of aging, in specially made barrels, the wine acquires its organoleptic characteristics and is embellished. It is rich in alcohol, glycerin, very structured and powerful, but nevertheless elegant. Quite unlike any other wine in the world. It can be stored for more than twenty years. Deep garnet in colour, it is characterized by rich aromas of walnut and currant jam, with a dry, velvety and generous body. Serving temperature: 18-20 degrees C. Corvina Veronese: 70%, Rondinella: 25%, Molinara: 5%. Amarone is made from a selection of grapes which are left to dry until late winter in a ventilated place. After the harvest, the grapes are dried for about 4 months which means a loss of weight of about 50%. Fermentation is then completed at a temperature between 18 and 22 degrees C followed by approximately 20 days soaking. Maturation is in wood with further refining in the bottle for about 3 years, before selling.

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Wine name

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG


Italy, Veneto

Quantity (cl)

6 x 75




Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella


deep garnet


currant jam, walnut

Serving temperature

18-20 degrees C


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