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Uluvka – Mini Flp Gift Box Gift Set


Uluvka – Mini Flp Gift Box Gift Set

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‘Friendship, Love and Pleasure’ are the three abiding principles of U’Luvka. U’Luvka Represents the height of the modern distiller’s art, while owing its inspiration to the alchemical traditions of the 17th century Polish Royal Court. In 1603 King Sigismund III of Poland commissioned the famous alchemist Sendivogius to develop a vodka of the finest purity and most exceptional quality that could be enjoyed by his royal court. Legend has it that what he created was so extraordinary that he was hailed a genius. This centuries old royal Polish recipe has been rediscovered through ancient archives, court records and legends. It has been meticulously recreated, using only the finest ingredients, by one of Poland’s foremost distillers. The result is U’Luvka, an outstanding clean and elegant vodka of great heritage and distinction. U’Luvka is a pure blend of rye, wheat and barley, and has already won many international Gold Medals for ‘exceptional vodka’, alongside numerous top design awards. It is now available Worldwide. U’Luvka Mini FLP gift box is complete with a 10cl miniature bottle, two of U’luvka’s iconic ‘legless’ shot glasses and a mini cocktail card. The Mini gift set makes an ideal luxury gift for all celebrations. U’Luvka Vodka has won over 40 International Awards to date. Including Best Super Premium Vodka in the world over 5 times and best packaging over 6 times in the last 18 months.

Spirit Gifts from TheDrinkShop

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