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Paardeberg Wine Regon

South Africa’s Unique Wine Producing Region

Paardeberg, which is well-known by the name Voor Paardeberg, is a unique wine producing region in South Africa.

Although this is a small Wine of Origin Ward, this region is popular for its unique character and quality.

This region, which was recently added to the Wine of Origin scheme, is located in the Western Cape part of the country. I would say that this region is perfect for the cultivation of Shiraz with hot and dry growing conditions.

Wine grape varieties

I personally love the Shiraz from this region and we can say this region’s Shiraz is among the world’s best! Now, let’s see all about the vines and wines of Voor Paardeberg here…

Voor Paardeberg’s Landscape

This small wine region with only 10 miles of vine growing area is located to the north of Paarl and is found to have an exceptional terroir.

You know what? This region’s grapes are found to be an important source of many global wine awards.

The major reason for this is the placement of this region and the soil composition along with the prevailing winds.

These factors altogether give a specific quality to the wine grapes, thus giving rise to the elite wine range.

Vineyards of Paardeberg

The vineyards of the region are found to be extended till the southeastern slopes of Paardeberg Inselberg and are located high in the mountains.

This way, these vineyards benefit from the well-drained soils that are rich in potassium, which is an important nutrient for the maintenance of vine health.

These, along with the deep root systems, are giving the healthier and stronger vines. When we move down the slopes we can find the clayey soils with shale and granite contents which make up slightly lower-quality soils for vine cultivation.

During the start of the twenty-first century, there were just eight wineries in this region. However, the numbers are more likely to increase in the near future, given the quality and unique characteristics of wines produced here.

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Impact of Climate on Paardeberg Vines

This region, which is located between the other wine growing regions like Paarl, Wellington, and the Swartland, is having a unique identity for itself in terms of quality and taste of wines produced.

I would say climate is playing an important role in this aspect.

Yes, the climate is giving a more significant impact on the original taste of Paardeberg wines. The Paardeberg’s rocky outcrop of granite is located about 22 miles inland from the giant Atlantic Ocean, which is providing the much-needed southerly winds ideal for the vine cultivation.

These winds are making this region about five degrees cooler than the Paarl during the summers. The vineyards of this region are experiencing a larger diurnal temperature difference resulting in the colder nights attributing to the acidity and freshness of the vines.

In addition, the vineyards that are located high on the slopes are also benefitted by the shades during the later part of the day. These moderating factors in the Paardeberg region are making wines of the region more robust with intense aromas when at the same time being brighter and fresher than their counterparts from the nearby Paarl wine region.

Grape Varieties in Paardeberg

As I mentioned earlier, Shiraz is the major grape variety of the Paardeberg region. In addition to this, we can find some other red varieties like Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon here.

It is to be noted that the red varieties are thriving well in all parts of the Paardeberg while the white varieties are found only on the higher slopes. The major white varieties of Paardeberg are Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc.

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Tharani Rajamanickam

Tharani Rajamanickam


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