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Vilarnau Winery

The Spanish Sparkle

Located in Barcelona with a stock of over 2 and a half million bottles, a state of the art winery and an estate that lies 250 metres above sea level.

Wine grape varieties

This winery has a Mediterranean climate and vineyards shielded by the Montserrat Mountains on the north and on the south side the Littoral Range and is known for the long aged cava’s with the unique and colourful labels only at Vilarnau Winery.

The History

It all began with Spanish nobilities in the 12th century when they settled in Penedes with the name Vilarnau which translates to the Arno family’s country house.

Albert de Vilarnau increased the family’s power and by the 14th century was very well known.  His name is on the brands most exclusive cava today.

Back in the 14th century the cava’s were only consumed by a very specific few and Albert was the patron of the Santa Maria de Vilarnau Church.

The main lineage of the family became extinct and the noble Galceran de Vilarnau passed down the property to his nephew Joan Louis de Masdovelles who sold the estate to the Cusco family who then began selling the wines that had been produced on the estate for centuries.

The very first cava was only produced in 1949 with grapes that had been produced for centuries on the estate of Vilarnau and the quality of the cava that was produced was exceptionally good which led to the Vilarnau cava’s becoming a joint venture with the Gonzales Byass family of wineries in 1982.

They kept the estate, but redesigned the building with modern architecture and minimalistic designs along with three important elements being emphasised; water which collects rain water that surrounds the building, glass for the windows which allows for a beautiful view and oak which is used on the external walls of the building.

The winery is a very small and intimate one that is located close to the city of Barcelona and concentrates on the artisan production of exclusive cava’s.

Wines from Vilarnau

The Vineyards

The vineyard consists of 20 hectares protected from the winds by the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea is only 30 kilometres away.

The vineyards consist of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Macabeo and Xarel–lo varietals planted in such a way that each one receives the correct amount of sunlight as well as the ventilation provided by the Mediterranean Sea breezes allowing for optimum ripening of the grapes.

The grapes are harvested at night and the soils consist of alluvial with layers of lime and clay.

Rose bushes are planted on each side of the vineyard because they are natural toxin detectors.

Sustainable farming methods are used and Vilarnau believes that respect for the earth is needed in order to produce good products and they carefully tread avoiding a carbon footprint with strict controls, reducing the fossil fuel consumption by using the waste, their lake is made from rainwater that has been collected and this is used to irrigate the vineyards as well as re –using and recycling waste with creating a compost.

The estate is 50% environmentally friendly and they have received certificates for their efforts.

The vineyards are monitored for the best grapes and they also use other grape growers which have been carefully selected.

Cava’s for those of us who do not know are Sparkling wines and cava’s in Spain is like Champagne in France.

Wine Grape Varieties
Wine Informations
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The Winery

The winery is modern with state of the art technology and temperature controlled cellars as well as a laboratory that gives the oenologists the opportunity to experiment with ageing processes and winemaking techniques.

The Vilarnau cava’s are aged for a long period of time with a second fermentation in the bottle.  The bubbles become finer after ageing and rise slowly creating a lasting mousse.

The Cava’s

There are four different labels for Vilarnau Winery that includes;

Vilarnau Cavas  

Demi Sec

Brut Reserva

Brut Reserva Rose

Brut Nature Vintage

Gran Reserva Vintage

Trencadis Edition

Els Capricis by Vilarnau

These wines are fermented in 250 litre barrels made from chestnut wood made by a cooper using a traditional method of ageing white wine that has been practiced for centuries.

Organic Cavas Vilarnau is made in a natural process organically

Demi Sec Organic

Brut Nature Organic

Visit Vilarnau Winery

The tour of the estate will take you through a brief history of how it all began; it will also give you details on why they constructed the building in the way that it is now as well as giving the visitors a taste test of the cava’s after a tour of the vineyards.

You will be impressed by the bold and colourful labels of the bottles, which will give you an explanation for each one and once you have visited the estate you will have a full understanding of why the cava’s takes long to age and why it was brought all the way from the 12th century.

Tours and Events

Read more about events, wine tasting, winery tour and vineyard tour.

Contact Information

Website: http://www.vilarnau.es/en
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +34 93 891 23 61

Find Vilarnau on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or Youtube.


Carretera d’Espiells km 1,4 Finca Can Petit
8770 Sant Sadurní d’Anoia Barcelona, Spain


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