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Codorniu – Frizz Verdejo

Codorniu Winery is famous in the Catalonia region, producing exceptional and high quality wines like Frizz Verdejo.

This sparkling wine is made from 100% Verdejo, the aromatic grape variety and the key to most of the white wines of Rueda.

Codorniu – Frizz Verdejo
Codorniu – Frizz Verdejo

This refreshing Verdejo wine has a pale straw yellow color with regular flow of fine bubbles, revealing the beautiful aromas of green apple, bergamot orange and broom.

The flavors are pleasant and fresh with a long fruity finish. Frizz Verdejo is ideal to pair with seafood, tapas, rice dishes and pasta.

Information about Codorniu – Frizz Verdejo

Brand name: Codorniu – Frizz Verdejo
Wine name: Frizz Verdejo
Country: Spain
Region: Catalonia
Website: Codorniu

Tasting Notes

Tint: Pale straw yellow
Aromas: Green apple, bergamot orange and broom
Flavor: Pleasant and fresh
Flavor finish: Long fruity
Food Pairings: Seafood, tapas, rice dishes and pasta
Bottle size: 75 cl
Data Sheet: PDF (Backup)

Codorniu – Frizz Verdejo

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