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Bodegas Alceno

The Capital of Commercial Wine- Alceno Bodegas

As the capital of the wine industry the Bastida family own the vineyard and they have modernised their techniques and changed the facilities to suit the modern day consumer wanting to “fit the taste of their wines to suit the clients demand, bringing a part of their passion to the palate”.

Passion, Technology and the Modern Consumer

There is nothing better than a good bottle of wine to enjoy with a meal, to pair up with your favourite cheese or to simply enjoy with friends. Wine has a history and the process is not a simple as it seems with a sip. There is a process and generations of family vineyards that has put into the bottle their passion and love for the grapes and the final product that has been produced. Some family owned vineyards or winery’s produce for their own private use whilst others produce to share with the consumer or lovers of wine.

Jumilla is a wine region in South – eastern Spain and it extends over the north of the region of Murcia including the municipality from which it takes its name.

In Jumilla there are 30 000 hectares of land currently under vines and there are about 3000 grape growers registered but the Alceno Bodegas was the first to be established and the first to become a commercial winery.

Founded in 1870 and situated in the wine region of Jumilla, is the first commercial winery called Bodegas Alceno. It is situated close to the meseta of Castilla La Mancha.

Alcohol and Distilleries

Bodegas Alceno today

Today the wine cellar is run by the fourth generation of the family and they have invested into ensuring the highest quality of its wine to maximum standards.

Although they have modernised their cellars they also keep a traditional side with a very old department with sales of wine by the litre. The other side of the cellar has the modern technology and wines destined to be bottled.

Pedro Luiz Martinez, S.A. has adapted to suit modern times by changed the process of the wines by increasing the original range of Alceno.

The management and technical team of the wine cellar is run by oenologist, Juan Miguel Benitez and has been run by him since 1999. He experiments with new wines and has not ruled out the possibility of creating new wines in the future using natural carbonic gas.

Winery Bodegas Alceno

Winery Bodegas Alceno

Their warehouse follows strict quality control to ensure the maximum level of quality getting to their consumers.

The wines are in their purest state and are not subjected to any stabilising treatments as to avoid an unnatural evolution of the sediments.

Bodegas Alceno has been awarded with many accolades and mentions year after year as well as being in the best guides for their wines.

Wines with a Story

A place with a vast selection of wines that will suit any palate with the variety that has been produced specifically for the consumer and wine connoisseurs is the Bodegas Alceno and for those who are in love with their wines there are a few that are well known and have been for generations.

The grapes are harvested in the last week of August with the process of traditional maceration and carbonic semi maceration keeping the cap submerged and at a controlled temperature of 25 and 28 degrees in order to keep the aromas. The extraction of the sweet tannins allows for velvet soft taste on the palate and the intensely rich colour.

The coupage of varieties include; Syrah, Tempranillo and Monastrell which Pedro Martinez uses to include single varieties such as the Alceno Syrah and Alceno sweet Monastrell.

The Alceno Variety

A grand selection of wines that each has a very different process and of course a very different taste, are available to buy from the estate and you can find it in places around the world.

Alceno 12 months is from the oldest vineyard and native “Monastrell” aged in the traditional French and American barrels with a malolactic fermentation process. This wine has the aroma of roasted fruits, cacao and spices with an ageing process of 12 months.

For those who enjoy organic products there is one just for you with the cultivation being under the certification of the organic agriculture.

It is stored in the barrels for 2 to 3 months to ensure that it lasts longer. The Alceno Organic Ecologico has a black and red fruit flavour with a touch of roasted spice.

Alceno Syrah Premium has a selection of grapes from Monastrell and a little bit of Syrah added into it. This wine is a modern and up to date wine also from the barrels but for only a short amount of time. With a fruity and Oakwood taste you cannot go wrong.

For an authentic taste of the Spanish wine you could try the Alceno 4 meses Roble as the grapes are taken from Monastrell, grown in the rainfed area and harvested by hand. This wine is also placed into the oak barrels for at least 4 months and the taste is a mature oak and fruity one that can be enjoyed as a medium to high level layered wine.

With the variety for all you could also choose to drink the white, rose or sweet wine that can be ordered in their shop.

Winery Bodegas Alceno

Winery Bodegas Alceno

Visit Bodegas Alceno

If you enjoy wine routes than a visit to Jumilla is a must as you can explore the wine town which has been there for centuries and of course the Bodegas Alceno which has history dating back to the 1870’s and if that is not all you wish to do there than perhaps buy yourself a bottle of wine and head up to the castle to get a bird’s eye view of where the wine is made.

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Calle del Duque nº34,
30520 Jumilla

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GPS: 33° 3′ 3.807”, 117° 11′ 41.274”

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