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Wines from Yecla

A Distinctive Wine Zone in Murcia, Spain

Yecla is one of the smallest wine regions in Spain, and forms the northernmost wine zone of Murcia.

According to the wine experts, it is a distinctive wine region in Southeastern Spain, which is named after the town of Yecla.

This specialty wine zone was delimited and given the official DO designation during the year 1975.

By learning the history of Spain, we are able to understand that this region has survived as an important wine zone in the country only due to its dedication to the Spanish tradition and the heritage.

Now, let’s see all about the important Spanish wine zone here…

Wine grape varieties

A Detailed Description of the Region

When geographically seen, Yecla takes the southeastern province of Murcia.

Although this DO represents a single wine region officially, it is divided into two distinctive wine zones unofficially.

The distinction is mainly due to their relative altitudes. As such, the higher zone in the northern side is called Campo Arriba, whereas, the low-lands in the southern side is called Campo Abajo.

Among these, the northern sub-zone is best known for its red wines, while the southern one has a lot of white wine grapes.

When you take a look at the outer side of the Yecla wine zone, you can see that the region is surrounded by DO regions on all sides.

To its west is the Jumilla DO, to its east is the Alicante DO, and to its north is the Almansa DO.

Climate and Soil Conditions in Yecla

When we look at the climatic conditions in Yecla, we can understand that this region marks a transition between the Mediterranean and Continental types of climates.

This is because the region is located at about 80 kilometres inland. Thus, it receives a less amount of rainfall (300mm).

But, the limestone soils of the region are efficient enough in storing water, no matter what the amount of rainfall it receives.

In addition to this, the region is fortunate enough with the altitude factor as well. Here, the altitude serves as a temperature moderator.

Thus, the region’s temperatures would lie between 23 degrees F in winter and 102 degrees F in summer.

When it comes to soil distribution, we can see that the region’s soils are lying on the limestone bedrocks.

In most parts, we can find a dense layer of subsoil topped by sandy and silty topsoil. Besides these, we can see a few vineyards having planted on stony topsoil.

Apart from these, we can also see some vineyards on clayey or loamy topsoil. In general, the region’s soils are poor, with low nitrogen contents.

Alcohol and Distilleries

A Quick Look at the Viticulture in Yecla

Overall, the region has almost 7,200 hectares of viticultural areas distributed over 11 vineyards.

Most of the vineyards in the zone are found to be planted at the heights of 1,300 to 2,600 ft above the sea level.

Each year, the region is producing over 7 million liters of wine. It’s to be mentioned here that though Yecla is a smaller wine region, the winemakers here are producing a wide range of wines.

They don’t limit themselves to still wines, but they also produce sparkling and fortified varietals.

Grape Varieties in Yecla

The region’s hot and dry summers are found to be more suitable for the cultivation of the late-ripening Monastrell grapes.

This single variety is dominating the local vineyards, as well as the wines of the region.

It occupies almost 80% of the total vineyard surface with the remaining part divided between the other grape varieties like:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Syrah
  • Chardonnay
  • Macabeo
  • Airen
  • Merseguera
  • Malvasia
  • Garnacha tinta
  • Garnacha Tintorera
  • Tempranillo



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Vineyards in Yecla, Murcia

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