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Wine from Ribera Baja

The Most Important Wine Sub-Region of Navarra

Ribera Baja is located at the southern tip of Navarra, and is the most important sub-zone in terms of both area and number of wineries.

Navarra is a famous DO wine region in Spain. This region has a great reputation for its Rosado wines, although, in the recent times, it has started to produce some quality red and white wines as well.

This important DO region that covers the whole southern half of the Navarre autonomous community has been divided into five sub-zones.

It’s to be noted here that each of these sub-zones has a unique identity and is producing its own characteristic set of wines.

Wine grape varieties

Let’s see about this important wine sub-region here…

Location and Landscape of Ribera Baja

With as many as 14 municipalities, this forms the southern part of Navarra. As such, this sub-zone is located within the arid Ebro basin between the regions of Aragón and La Rioja.

When we look at the landscape of Ribera Baja sub-region, we could understand that it is a flat river plain that supports sparse vegetation.

It’s to be noted here that the vegetation in Ribera Baja is being dominated by the Sierra del Moncayo range to its southwest.

Herein, the most fertile lands have been predominantly populated by smaller, family-owned vegetable farms. The total surface of the Ribera Baja sub-region is found to be 3,350 hectares.

Important Winemaking Municipalities of Ribera Baja

The main town of Ribera Baja is Tudela. Apart from Tudela, there are few other municipalities in the sub-region that are deemed as important for winemaking.
Those are as follows:

  • Ablitas
  • Arguedas
  • Barillas
  • Cascante
  • Castejón
  • Cintruénigo
  • Corella
  • Fitero
  • Monteagudo
  • Murchante
  • Tulebras
  • Valtierra

Soil and Climatic Conditions in Ribera Baja

In the Ribera Baja sub-region, most of the vineyards are found to be sitting on the different degrees of Quaternary terraces or sedimentary effluvia that have been deposited by the rivers and their tributaries.

As such, the soils of Ribera Baja are considered as semi-desert owing to the higher temperatures, as well as the lower humidity of the region.

Through Ribera Baja, the soils are found to be getting poorer, as well as sandier.
In general, the vineyards that are planted in the flatlands are found to be bearing deeper, loamy, and rocky soils.

On the other hand, the vineyards that are planted high up on the terraces are found to be containing the limestone bedrock.

One more case is the vineyards that are planted on the gentle slopes, which are dominated by the Moncayo range.

These are found to be composed of topsoil of varying particle size, as well as thickness. In these vineyards, we can find the layers of fine/silty loam interspersing with marls and sand.

When it comes to climatic conditions, we can see that the region’s climate is semi-arid in nature and is quite consistent throughout the region.

Having located inside a deep river basin, the region is experiencing a hot and dry type of climate as influenced by the Mediterranean Sea.

The growing season of the vines in Ribera Baja is differing between 227 and 255 days.

As the driest sub-region in the Navarra DO, the Ribera Baja is found to be getting only about 17.5 inches of average annual rainfall.

Alcohol and Distilleries

Grape Varieties in Ribera Baja

The red varieties are known to be performing well in Ribera Baja. Among them, the Tempranillo is the dominant variety and represents almost 40% of the production.

This is being followed by Garnacha, which represents another 30% of the production.

Among whites, the sub-region is found to be boasting the highest concentration of Viura, as well as Moscatel in the region.



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Vineyards in Ribera Baja, Navarra

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