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Wine from Tierra Estella

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The Gifted Wine Region in Navarra

Tierra Estella is a sub-zone occupying the western part of Navarra.

With as many as 38 municipalities, this subzone is important as a wine region.

As several of the wine lovers might be aware, Navarra is a Spanish D.O. wine region.

This region, which is extended over the whole of the southern half of the Navarre community, has five sub-zones within it.

Each one of these is found to have a distinctive identity for itself and is producing its own characteristic wines.

Wine grape varieties

Let’s see what the Tierra Estella region has got for us here…

Location and Landscape of Tierra Estella

As mentioned above, Tierra Estella is a crescent of land that is located in the western parts of Navarra along the Camino de Santiago.

This region is found to be bordering the famous La Rioja region and the Basque Country.

On the whole, the Tierra Estella sub zone is found to be spread over 1800 hectares of land.

The entire Tierra Estella has been divided into two halves by the River Ega, which is bounded to the north by the Sierra de Urbasa.

This pronounced mountainous landscape, which is present in the northern part of Tierra Estella, gradually evens out in its southern parts.

It’s in the southern parts of Tierra Estella that we can see the vineyards intermingling with the other plantation like olive and cereals.

In short, we can see a drastic difference in terms of both altitudes, as well as orientation between the northern and southern parts of Tierra Estella.

Important Winemaking Municipalities in Tierra Estella

As mentioned above, the Tierra Estella sub-zone of Navarra has 38 municipalities. But, we can’t say all the municipalities are famous for winemaking.

In this line, following are the most important winemaking municipalities in Tierra Estella:

  • Aberin
  • Allo
  • Arellano
  • Armañanzas
  • Arróniz
  • Ayegui
  • Barbarin
  • Dicastillo
  • Desojo
  • El Busto
  • Espronceda
  • Estella
  • Igúzquiza
  • Lazagurría
  • Los Arcos
  • Luquin
  • Mendaza
  • Morentin
  • Murieta
  • Oteíza de la Solana
  • Sansol
  • Torralba del Río
  • Torres del Río
  • Valle de Yerri
  • Villamayor de Monjardín
  • Villatuerta

Climate and Soil Conditions in Tierra Estella

This region is bordering the sub-humid zone in the north and the highly dry zone in the south.

The important Atlantic impacts are found to be filtered slightly by the Urbasa and Andia Sierras.

Thus, the vineyards that are planted in the sub-zone are receiving an optimal sunlight exposure.

The vineyard growing seasons are ranging from 206 days to 224 days due to the differences in altitude and orientation within the Tierra Estella region.

With regards to the soil factor, this wine sub-zone contains a mixture of soils based on the altitudes and the composition of substrata.

This way, we can see the slopes of Estella, as well as Lorca, are being covered with deep and heavy clayey soils.

These are found to be lying on multi-coloured marls that were believed to be formed during the Triassic period.

In the remaining parts, that is on the undulating slopes, the thickness as well as the texture varies.

In some parts, we can see an enormous distribution of iron-rich, red coloured deposits.

Finally, we can also find some alluvial valley floors here and there. In these places and on the remains of the terraces of the rivers and on the glacis, the zone’s vineyards are planted on flat surfaces with loamy soils with an outstanding drainage capability.

Grape Varieties in Tierra Estella

In the red part, the most important and dominant variety is Tempranillo, which occupies almost 50% of the total vineyard surface. Next is the Cabernet Sauvignon variety.

In the white part, Chardonnay is the prominent variety.

Alcohol and Distilleries

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