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Bodegas Valdemar

… from Horse and Cart to International Distribution

The only thing that age well is wine but this is not the case for Bodegas Valdemar as they have grown into a blooming business as they rediscovered the bleeding methods for making rosé wines.

They were the first winery to make cask fermented white wines and in 1983 became the first winery in Europe to control the fermentation temperatures.

Wine grape varieties

Today they have unique and authentic wines with great ageing potential.

History of Bodegas Valdemar

Bodegas Valdemar is located in Oyon, Alava Spain and has a vast spread of vineyards throughout Rioja.

It began for them in 1889 when Joaquin Martinez Bujanda first began to grow grapes and his family have continued on to making wines that are known around the world with over 125 years of experience and a reputation for being a reference point for the DO.

Their forward thinking has led them to a successful industry with having pioneered many techniques from barrel fermentation to saignee method Rosado and all of their fruit is of a high standard as their fruit comes from their own vineyards which are controlled.

The vineyards

They extended their vineyards and have 650 hectares spread across Rioja with the wines being sourced from their own estates and their two main wines are “Conde de Valdemar” and “Inspiracion Valdemar.”

The sub sections of their vineyards are spread across Rioja with each region giving a different fruit flavour to their wines;

Rioja Alavesa has an Atlantic Ocean breeze that cools down the climate and the wines that are from this area are some of the freshest and aromatic.

The grapes from this area go into their Condo Valdemar Crianza, Reserva, grand reserve, Inspiracion seleccion and Inspiracion Las Canteras.

Rioja Alta produces grapes that become full bodied and well ageing wines with the help of ferrous soils and a continental climate.

Rioja Baja has a Mediterranean climate with alluvial soils and the wines from here are darker with higher alcohol levels than most.

Wine Grape Varieties
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The wineries

Bodegas Valdemar has four wineries with a variety of wines being produced in each one. Their wine selection is a vast one consisting of over 23 different wines and each one is unique in their own way.

In the winery of Bodegas Condes Valdemar

  • Conde Valdemar Viura Verdejo 2015 consists of 82% Viura and 18% Verdejo varietals with an aroma of peach and apricot infused with berries and white flowers. This wine is a bright yellow colour with green reflections and is fermented in stainless steel tanks
  • Conde Valdemar Rosado is a bright raspberry coloured wine that has been made with the bleeding method and has aromas of floral and berry from the 30 year old Grenache vines
  • Conde Valdemar Rose consists of 75% Garnacha (Grenache) and 25% Viura varietals with aromas of fresh red berries and a dominant floral note and a salmon pink hue
  • Conde Valdemar Tempranillo is a red cherry wine with purple tints and has the aromas of matured red fruits and cassis and is made with fermentation in stainless steel tanks and carbonic maceration also in stainless steel tanks

Other wines from this winery include; Finca Alto Cantebria, Ganacha, Crianza, Reserva, Crianza Magnum and Reserva Magnum.

In the winery of Bodegas Inspiracion

Inspiracion Valdemar Las Seis Alhajas consists of 100% Graciano and is aged for 20 months in French oak barrels. It is a red cherry coloured wine with aromas of pepper, perfume, liquorice and cedar with hints of mint and red berry fruits Other wines in this collection are; Seleccion, Cantabria, Las Canteras, Balcon de Pilatos and Edicion Limitada.

Bodegas Valdemoreda wineries have the pleasure of the production of Valdemoreda white, red and rose and at the Fincas Valdemar winery there are two wines;

Crianza consisting of 100% Tempranillo and is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels with a red cherry colour this wine has aromas of mature fruits and spice ending on a toasty note

Roble is made with 100% Tempranillo and is aged for 6 months in American and French oak barrels with the aroma of ripe fruit and a violet, oak creamy end note. It is their expressive wine as they understand and express the different appellations in Rioja

Visit Bodegas Valdemar

Visiting the estate could be a treat as you are able to visit each winery and explore the different processes used to produce their popular wines as well as discovering the various tastes from the different vineyards.

A family with tradition that has moved forward into modern times with innovative and enthusiastic energy first created in the 1800’s at the Bodegas Valdemar is what you will see and their legacy will continue on through the generations with the passion and energy that goes into the making of their wines.


Website: http://www.valdemar.es/
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +34 945 622 188

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Bodegas Valdemar
Camino Viejo, s/n
01320 Oyón, Álava, Spain


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