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Bodegas Tobia

Passion and Respect at Bodegas Tobia

The renowned Spanish wine region La Rioja is a province in northern Spain below the Cantabrian Mountains where the vineyards occupy the valley is where you will find Bodegas Tobia.

This estate was established in 1994 by Oscar Tobia who came from a family of wine growers based in San Asensio.

He began to reconstruct the facilities but funding was minimal and throughout the years has continued to invest into the estate, leading it to be a well known winery.

Innovative and creative wines

Oscar was the first person in Spain to create a barrel fermented rose wine and the Alma de Tobia Rose has had worldwide recognition.

Tobia has continued to produce innovative and creative wines with his aim being to make original and distinctive wines and as a result of his efforts he has been used as the benchmark for the Rioja institute due to his research projects and highly acclaimed wines that have, are known around the world.

Some of his experimental research projects include the role of micro- oxygenation in wine making and the development of vats where carbon dioxide produced by fermentation is used to pump over the must.

Bodegas Tobía (@bodegastobia) den

The vineyard

Bodegas Tobia is located in a privileged area where it is nestled in the valley of Ebro and sheltered by two mountain ranges helping with the protection of the vines as the cold winds fiercely sweeps down over the Iberian Plateau.

The city in which the estate is located dates back to 1062 with evidence in a scroll that has been preserved.

In the middle ages the land was surrounded by a wall protecting the castle and today the heritage is evident as it has been maintained with traditional houses made of stone and the tower that has been enclosed by a wall and the official buildings still with their traditional architecture.

The valley has many soil types and includes ferrous, calcareous and alluvial soils with 80 hectares of vineyards planted in 15 communes across the region allowing for good quality wines with character, complexity and originality from the indigenous varieties in Rioja.

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The winery

Their winery consists of stainless steels vats and barriques as well as a visitors facility where the entire production can be seen and tasting sessions are also available so that you can try the famous rose’.

Tobias uses free run juices instead of a wine press in order to gain the highest quality of wines.

The extraction of the best qualities of their wines comes from the fermentation process that uses natural energy created by the process itself rather than needing additional energy.

Red wines are stabilised and malolactic fermentation is done in oak barrels and they do not filter the wines in order to safeguard the purity of the juices.

Bodegas Tobia has represented itself tremendously with the knowledge that Oscar has brought in to respect the land and use what has been given in order to create amazing and fresh ideas with the continuous development of the estate and its regeneration, making it a name to be known.

Talking about the history of the estate and the ambition, determination and respect for wine making, there is also a list of fine wines that have to spoken about.

The wines

The estate has 5 wines; Alma Tobia, Oscar Tobia, Tobia, Daimon and Vina Tobia.

Alma de Tobia Rosado consists of a blend of Tempranillo and Graciano varietals with a dash of Merlot.

It has an expression of fruit and wood and this was created with a minimalistic way with as little intervention as possible.

The vinification is done separately for each varietal and after the maceration is complete there is a bleeding of the wine which is then fermented in the French oak barrels.

It is aged for 5 months with the removal of the lees and once this is done the three varietals are blended together

It is a raspberry red wine with aromas of strawberries, raspberries, cherries, smokiness and toffee

Oscar Tobia Reserve is aged for 25 months in French and Hungarian oak barrels consisting of the Tempranillo and Graciano varietals.

There is a regular racking of the wine every 4 months until the wine is bottled unfiltered to allow for the natural qualities of the wine to come through into the taste.

This wine is red cherry in colour with aromas of fruit, violets, cherries and smoked minerals ending on toasted notes

Bodegas Tobía (@bodegastobia) den

Tobia Seleccion 2011 consists of Garnacha Tinta, Tempranillo and Graciano varietals aged for 19 months in American and French oak barrels before ageing in the bottles.

This red wine comes from the vineyards that are planted in stony and clay limestone soils as well as on sandy soil at an altitude of 500m.

The aromas of this wine is of red fruits, plum compote and currants with notes of juniper oil, black pepper and nutmeg

Visit Bodegas Tobia

With the wines being so dramatically different it is a great choice to have at a dinner or an even better idea is to visit the capital so that you can experience all of the qualities and see for yourself how the characters in the wines have been formed with the terroirs and landscapes that have been around for centuries, fighting to move forward in the world of wines.


Website: http://bodegastobia.com/en/
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: + 34 941 301 789

Find Bodegas Tobia on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.


Bodegas Tobia
C/ Senda Rutia S/N
26214 Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón
La Rioja, Spain


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