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The Wine Export Capital of Spain

Valencia, which is one of the seventeen administrative regions of the country, has been associated with wine and the wine trade for thousands of years.

In this line, the region is found to be synonymous with bulk wine.

More recently, the wine producers of Valencia are getting popular for using stylized techniques for quality wine bottling.

It is also home to the Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) title representing the wines being produced in the province of Valencia, which is commonly referred to as “Valencian Community”.

Wine grape varieties

Today, Valencia is the largest export center with its exporters sending DO wines to various markets all across the globe.

Now, let’s see more about Valencia and its wines here…

Wine History of Valencia

Evidence suggests that wine grapes have been cultivated in Valencia since the “Neolithic Era”. Various ancient writers have mentioned about the region’s wine industry in their writing pieces.

Although wine has played a major role in the region’s economy for several years, the region didn’t hold a prominent place on the world wine map.

It’s only within the past few centuries that the wine export in Valencia has expanded in size and importance.

Today, several wineries in Valencia are producing wines majorly for exports, although they are famous among the locals too.

When we take a look at the modern era of Valencia’s wine industry, we can see that the wine production here has concentrated more on quantity than quality. However, the situation is taking a gradual twist now.

A number of wineries have updated their winemaking techniques to produce wines in contemporary fashion.

Explanation of Valencia D.O

The Valencia DO, which covers an impressive 13,000 hectares of land, is lying near the center of the east coast of Spain. As such, the surface area is found to be divided unevenly between two different geographical regions.

Thus, the entire Valencia DO can be divided into four sub-zones as follows:

Alto Turia

This is located in the northeastern part and is a mountainous area with vineyards planted at higher altitudes. Primarily, this zone is producing white wines.


This lies in the northwestern part and is found to be carrying gentle slopes. The climate is found to be Mediterranean here.


This sub-zone, which is named after the grape variety, is found to be occupying the central part of the DO and is found to be just near to the city of Valencia.

This is a low-altitude region with hotter climatic conditions. This region is mainly famous for its luscious sweet wines.


This is located in the southern part and is found to be suitable for cultivation of a number of grape varieties.

It’s to be noted that the Valencia region is not only home to Valencia DO, but also carrying two other DO titles, which are namely, Utiel-Requena and Alicante.

These DOs are producing small quantities of sparkling Cava.

Alcohol and Distilleries

The Climate in Valencia

The region’s climate is found to be varying from one place to another. The areas that are located in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea are experiencing a Mediterranean type of climate.

On the other hand, the inlands are found to be experiencing a continental climate.

Throughout Valencia, we can find extreme variations in temperature. It’s because of this reason the wine regulations of Valencia DO are quite different from those in the remaining part of Spain.

Wine Grapes in Valencia

We can find a long list of wine grapes in Valencia. Among them, the most prominent ones are as follows:

  • Merseguera
  • Malvasía
  • Tempranillo
  • Monastrell
  • Moscatel

Other Permitted Whites:

· Macabeo
· Planta fina de pedralba
· Pedro ximénez
· Planta nova
· Verdil, tortosí
· Chardonnay
· Sauvignon blanc
· Sémillon

Other Permitted Reds:

· Bobal
· Cabernet sauvignon
· Garnacha tinta
· Garnacha tintorera
· Forcayat
· Pinot noir
· Merlot
· Syrah
· Tempranillo
· Monastrell



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