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Captain Morgan – White Rum

Rum is a spirit made in different styles mostly tropical in most locations around the world. Sugarcane is its primary and essential ingredient.

Captain Morgan and his crew decided to develop and create White Rum in honor of their sea-faring antics and lively revelries.

Captain Morgan – White Rum
Captain Morgan – White Rum

White Rum is created with light and crisp style and recognized as the best rum cocktail and in demand to consumers.

It is perfect for mixing with cola or to make flavorful and tasteful mojitos because of its great Caribbean blend and freshness.

Information about Captain Morgan White Rum

Brand name: Captain Morgan White Rum
Wine name: White Rum
Country: Caribbean
Region: Puerto Rico
Website: Captain Morgan

Tasting Notes

Flavour: Medium-bodied, crisp and clean
Flavour finish: Slight sweet
Food pairing: Perfect for mixing with cola or make the best tasting mojitos
Bottle size: 75 cl

Captain Morgan – White Rum

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Captain Morgan – White Rum

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