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Hereford Wine Region

The Fine Wines from Hereford

Hereford, which is a cathedral city, is a county town of Herefordshire in England.

This town lies on the River Wye and is about 26 kilometers from the eastern border of Wale.

Currently, this town is famous as a trading center for a variety of agricultural products. The major products from this region include beer, cider, and so on.

Now, let’s see what Hereford and Herefordshire have got for the wine lovers here. Continue reading to know about the fine wines from Herefordshire…

Wine grape varieties

A Quick Look at the Climate of Hereford

Like the other parts of the UK, Hereford is also experiencing a maritime type of climate. As such, this region is found to have only little seasonal temperature variations and is found to receive moderate amounts of rainfall all through the year.

Fine Wines from Herefordshire

In general, the English wines are found to be more expensive and hence, they are usually considered as the special occasion wines.

This applies to the wines from Herefordshire as well with an exception of a white wine being produced by the Broadfield Court.

This wine is found to be more affordable and is more popular for its quality and therefore, it has got great reviews from the wine lovers globally. When it comes to the sparkling wine range, the Gusbourne range from Kent is more popular. This is a bit more expensive and is usually preferred for the wedding parties.

Do you think Herefordshire has got only this? While the grape varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the most popular grape varieties, the region is not devoid of local grape varieties. And, the styles that are produced here would differ as the winemakers in the UK tend to produce off-dry wines.

English and Welsh Wines from in and around Herefordshire

1. Sixteen Ridges from Ledbury

The Ledbury started selling its Sixteen Ridges wines from the year 2014. The signature style from Ledbury is found to be the Cuvée Sparkling Wine which is a white wine made using Pinot Noir and Seyval Blanc grape varieties. This wine would give the flavors of lemon, apple, honey, and hazelnut and tends to give an elegant long finish.

2. Castle Brook from Coughton

The Castle Brook sparkling white wines are being produced by Chinn-Chinn well-known for its Wye Valley Asparagus. This vineyard, which has won several awards for its sparkling wines, had its first vineyard planted in the year 2004. Right from its start, it is more popular for its classic Castle Brook Cuvée – a traditionally-styled Brut made using the Champagne grape varieties. These wines are found to be more delicate and delicious with the hints of lemon blossom. The notes of brioche and toasty yeast are found to be adding complexity at the finish.

3. Wines from Beeches Vineyard

The Beeches Vineyard near Ross-on-Wye is a family-run vineyard and is known to produce an attractive range of red, rosé, white, and sparkling wines. This vineyard, which was started in the year 1991, was first planted with the varieties like Madeline Angevine, Triomphe d’Alsace, and Seyval Blanc. Later, the Rondo and Regent grape varieties were added to it. The white wines from this vineyard are found to be dry, rosé wines are fresh and light, and the red wines are full of flavors.

4. Broadfield Court Vineyard Estate

This vineyard, which is located in the Bodenham, was started in the year 1971. At the start, this vineyard was planted with as many as 50 experimental vines. During the year 1972, these vineyards were planted with Reichensteiner grape variety. Now, the estate is covering almost 17 acres of land producing the varieties like Reichensteiner, Huxelrebe, Seyve Villard, Madeleine Angevine, and Pinot Noir.

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