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Wines and Beers of Lincolnshire

Vineyards to Visit in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire, which is a county in the eastern part of England, is the second-largest of the English ceremonial counties.

It’s to be mentioned about Lincolnshire that this is predominantly agricultural in land usage.

I’d also like to mention that the county is broken down into several subregions geographically. What can we understand from all these points is that the region is diverse topographically?

Wine grape varieties

The region has quite a few vineyards to visit and let’s see them about those here:

Ownsworth’s Home Grown (Fulbeck Gardens Vineyard)

This vineyard was first planted in the year 2010. Half of the vineyard is found to be planted with the walled gardens and the remaining portion is found to have planted in a field.

Now, there are around 4000 vines. Yes, the number is really huge!

They include six grape varieties of which three are red and three are white.


  • Rondo
  • Regent
  • Fruhburgunder


  • Solaris
  • Ortega
  • Siegerrebe

Somerby Vineyards

This is again a huge vineyard with 16 acres of land under plantation. The vines were first planted in the Somerby vineyards during 2006.

At the start, about an acre of land, about 150 vines were planted. Of these, 100 were found to be red and 50 were found to be white.

The enormous success that was enjoyed by these vines resulted in the expansion of vineyards and there are over 12,000 vines producing a wide variety of wines.

Other Vineyards in Lincolnshire

There are some other vineyards in the county you can visit.

Find the list below:

  • Good Earth Vineyard
  • Home Farm House Vineyard
  • Lincoln Vineyard
  • Mayfield Vineyard
  • Mill Farm Vineyard
  • Mill Lane Vineyard
  • Ovens Farm
Alcohol and Distilleries

Breweries to Visit in Lincolnshire

Following is the list of breweries to visit in Lincolnshire:

Axholme Brewing Company

This brewery, which is present by the side of Clearwater Lake in Crowle, is brewing a wide range of artisan beers.

This brewery was founded in the year 2012 and has four barrel brew plant in total today.
The beers being produced by the company are:

  • Cleethorpes pale ale
  • Special reserve
  • Clearwater pale ale
  • Best bitter

Apart from these core range beers, they are also producing a monthly seasonal ale variety and some bespoke beers.


This is a family-run brewery that has passed some four generations of the Bateman family. They have been producing craft beers since 1874.

They have now evolved the branding to represent this. The beers that are being produced by Batemans include:

  • Classic Cask Beers: Gold, XB, XXXB
  • Heritage (Monthly) Cask Beer Range
  • Premium ale
  • Combined Harvest
  • Victory Ale
  • Dark Lord

Brewsters Brewing

This brewery is again famous for its artisan-style beers. The beers that are being produced by this brewery include:

  • American pale ale
  • Indian pale ale
  • Crispy light lager
  • Hoppy Golden ale
  • Aromatic porter

Tom Woods Beers

This is a brewery that is surrounded by rich farming land and has been providing the finest quality barley for brewing for centuries. Initially, the brewery was started by producing two beers.

But, the beers that are being produced by this brewery include the following:

  • Best bitter
  • Lincoln Gold
  • Bomber County
  • Crafty Farmer

Other breweries in Lincolnshire

There are some other breweries in the county you can visit. Find the list below:

  • Poachers brewery
  • Oldershaw brewery
  • Lincolnshire brewing company
  • Horncastle ales
  • Ferry ales brewery
  • Cathedral heights brewery

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Vineyards in Lincolnshire

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