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Wines from Glamorgan

With a couple of must-visit Vineyards

Glamorgan, which is otherwise called as Glamorganshire, is a part of Wales. This forms one of the 13 historic counties here.

We can see that the county has several different regions within it.

To quote some, there are industrial valleys, agricultural land, and the Peninsula.

When it comes to viticulture and winemaking, the agricultural land that is referred as Vale of Glamorgan, plays a major role.

Within the entire Glamorgan County, I could see a couple of must-visit vineyards, which are explained below.

Wine grape varieties

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Glyndwr Vineyard

I would like to introduce this vineyard as the producer of a range of fine, award-winning wines.

The present owners of the vineyard are taking the pride of having pioneered the resurrection of viticulture in Wales.

Thus, Glyndwr Vineyard becomes the oldest wine estate of the territory.

With more than three decades of production, this vineyard is found to be playing a significant role in the reputation of the Welsh wine industry.

During my visit to the vineyard, I happened to learn that several wines from this vineyard have graced several fine occasions.

These include the European State banquets, a NATO summit, and so on. This information helped me understand how important this vineyard is for Wales and the United Kingdom.

It could be surprising to you to learn that the Glyndwr wines have won several competitions, as well as commendations from the Decanter Magazine and the UK Vineyards Association Awards.

More particularly, the sparkling wines from these vineyards have been very successful and the brut took the first spot in the competition conducted by the South West Vineyards Association.

Also, the red wine from the vineyard which was judged by the Four New Masters of Wine was taken apart for a double gold.

Thus, this wine had all the qualities to be regarded as a single entity for the double gold.

Find below the list of wines that are currently produced by the Glyndwr Vineyard:

  • Glyndwr Dry White
  • Glyndwr Red
  • Glyndwr Rosé
  • Glyndwr Sparkling White
  • Glyndwr Vintage Sparkling Rosé

The grape varieties that are used in the production of these wines are:

  • Reichensteiner
  • Seyval Blanc
  • Rondo
  • Regent
  • Triomphe d’Alsace

Llanerch Vineyard

This vineyard is also located in the Vale of Glamorgan. The starting point of this vineyard is dating back to 1986.

This is another vineyard in Wales to produce award-winning Welsh wines.

This vineyard is found to be having an interesting history. The Llanerch vineyard was originally a dairy farm, which was then transformed into a huge vineyard.

A mixture of German and French hybrids was found to be well-suited for the climate of the UK.

Thus, the vineyard was planted and still running. The wines from this vineyard are labeled as Cariad wines.

Overall, it was observed that all the wines from the vineyard are well received by the wine lovers and have proved successful.

Currently, the Llanerch Vineyard is producing as many as eight to twelve tons of grapes every year, thus, making around 10,000 wine bottles of Cariad wines annually.

Find below the list of wines that are currently produced by the Llanerch Vineyard:

  • Cariad Sparkling Blush
  • Cariad Sparkling Brut
  • Cariad Dry White
  • Cariad Medium dry white
  • Cariad Rose

The grapes that are being cultivated in this vineyard are harvested during the end of October each year.

These are the times when the grapes would contain peak sugar levels and higher acidity, thereby, becoming ready to be processed into tasty wines.

If you wish to take a look at the harvest, you are recommended to schedule your visit towards the end of October.

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Tharani Rajamanickam

Tharani Rajamanickam


I am Tharani, I have Bachelors degree in Biotechnology. I am passionate about the wine industry and continue to explore, learn and share and I bring in a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you keep updated with best wines in the world. Stay tuned..

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Vineyards in Glamorgan

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