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Wines and Beers of West Sussex

Know More about Wines and Beers of West Sussex

West Sussex, which is a county in the southern part of England, is found to be covered with sceneries throughout.

Whenever the travellers and tourists think of West Sussex, they would get reminded of the Champagne and strawberries.

We can hear from the people who have already visited the place that it is a great holiday destination. There are several historic towns in here, which are very well preserved till date.
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So, if you get a chance to visit this holiday place, don’t forget about the wines and beers.

Try to visit some wineries and breweries in West Sussex …

Top Vineyards to Visit in West Sussex

Following are the top vineyards to visit while you are in West Sussex:

Tinwood Estate Vineyard

This is situated in the heart of West Sussex and is easy to reach from the South Downs National Park.

The first plantings of this vineyard were established only in the year 2007.

However, these vineyards gained a reputation very quickly for its sparkling wines. Traveling to this beautiful wine region would give a real tasting experience.

The wines that are being produced by this wine estate include:

  • Tinwood Blanc de Blancs
  • Tinwood Brut
  • Tinwood Rose

Bolney Wine Estate

When compared to the Tinwood Estate Vineyard, this is found to be relatively old and is involved in winemaking since 1976. This vineyard is famous for its top-quality red, white, and sparkling wines.

When you are here, you will get a wonderful opportunity to taste six wines from the Bolney wineries.

Following are the wines that you can taste being here:

  • Bolney Pinot Rosé
  • Bolney Pinot Noir
  • Bolney Pinot Gris
  • Bolney Lychgate Red
  • Bolney Cuvée Noir

Each of these wines is found to be comparable with the similar wine styles from across the globe.

Apart from these popular styles, you can also find other styles too!

Other Wineries in West Sussex

  • Stopham Vineyard
  • Highdown Vineyard
  • Lurgashall Winery
  • Nutbourne Vineyard
  • Albourne Estate
  • Upperton Vineyards
  • Nyetimber
  • Kingscote Estate and Vineyard

Top Breweries to Visit in West Sussex

Following are the top breweries to visit while you are in West Sussex:

Arundel Brewery

This is a well-established brewery in West Sussex that is noted for its Sussex Gold beer varietal.

Some of the most acclaimed beers being produced by Arundel brewery are:

  • Wild Heaven American pale ale
  • Sussex IPA
  • Castle Tawny Bitter

Ballard’s Brewery

This brewery was established in the year 1980. Since then, the brewery is known to produce some great beers and now, the average production has reached up to 1,500 gallons per week.

This brewery is famous for producing beers without any sugars, colours, and additives.

Yes, it’s worth visiting, therefore. The brewery is specialized in a range of cask and bottle-conditioned real ales, which include the following:

  • Bitters
  • Golden ales
  • Mild
  • Porter
  • Barley Wines

There is a brewery shop for Ballard’s brewery that is open to its visitors from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM during the weekdays.

So, if you are planning to taste some great beers brewed by this brewery, plan your visit accordingly.

Langham Brewery

This is an award-winning brewery that is operating independently in West Sussex region.

This brewery is famous for its cask-conditioned real ale. This was founded in the year 2005 and has grown into a ten-barrel brew plant now.

  • Halfway to heaven
  • Saison
  • Hip hop
  • Sundowner
  • Best
  • Arapaho
  • Langham special draught

Apart from these, some limited-edition ales are also produced.

Other Breweries in West Sussex

  • Hepworth Brewery
  • Welton Brewery
  • WJ King Brewery
  • Dark Star Brewery
  • Gribble Brewery
  • Adur Brewery

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