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Wines from Georgia

A Wine Gem of the United States

The Georgia region has become the wine gem in the Southern parts of the United States because the vineyard area of the region has found to have tripled during the past 5 years, and this was the sixth largest wine producer in the country during the nineteenth century.

Some of you might confuse Georgian wine region of the United States with the Georgia of Caucasus region.

While the latter is described as the oldest region in the world with the history of winemaking dating back to 8000 years ago, the history of winemaking in the U.S.

Georgia is not that old. Now, let’s see everything about the viticulture in Georgia here…

Wine grape varieties

An Overview of Wine Industry in Georgia

The history of Georgia’s winemaking suggests that the wine industry flourished here during the 1800’s itself.

However, the industry faced a complete shutdown due to the Prohibition and in the year 1907, the state was found to have adopted a complete alcohol prohibition.

We could observe that Georgia was the first state to adopt this prohibition in the country and it implemented these policy eleven years before the other parts of the country.

Thus, the wines became a thing of Georgia’s history. The winemaking here didn’t restart here until the 1980s.

It was the Georgia Farm Winery Act passed in the year 1983 that freed up the winegrowers of the state to produce wines and since then; the wine industry is seeing a rapid growth here.

At present, this is found to be the country’s largest producer of Muscadine grape variety.

Looking at the Viticulture in Georgia

Georgia, which is lying in the south-eastern part of the country, is found to be bordered by the states of Alabama and Florida in the western and southern sides respectively.

Within the state, we can see that most of the viticultural activities are being concentrated in the southernmost lines of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This part is found to be home to the wine regions of Virginia and North Carolina too. In these northern parts of Georgia, the higher altitudes of 1300 to 2200 feet are providing the ideal conditions for viticulture.
Alcohol and Distilleries

Climate and Soil Types in Georgia

The higher altitudes in the northern parts of Georgia (1300 to 2200 feet) are found to be moderating the heat and humidity that are linked to the states’ climate.

Viticulturally speaking, the cooler and drier climatic conditions that are prevailing in the northern parts of the state are found to be more suited for grapevine cultivation here.

These conditions are found to be supporting the growth of several species of grapes and are able to produce wines of higher quality.

The soils in the Blue Ridge Mountains are found to be containing large amounts of granite, especially, in the viticultural parts of the state.

Also, they are found to be rich in mineral contents and are less fertile, thus making them perfect for wine grape cultivation.

As far as the viticulture in Georgia is concerned, we can see that these free draining soils are reducing the vigour and yield of the wine grapes, thereby, increasing the quality of the grapes which, in turn, increases the quality of the wines produced.

Grape Varieties Thriving in Georgia

As the above overview suggests, the Muscadine variety is found to be thriving well in the state, particularly, in the low-lying areas of the southern Georgia.

The vineyards of the north are found to have planted with both vinifera, as well as hybrid crops.

The other major grape varieties in the state are:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Chardonnay
  • Petit Manseng
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Sangiovese
  • Noble
  • Viognier
  • Riesling
  • Seyval Blanc



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Tharani Rajamanickam


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