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Trinidad and Tobago

Finding Wines in Trinidad and Tobago

As some of you might have already known, the Republic of “Trinidad and Tobago”, which is lying in the Caribbean Sea just off the Venezuelan Coast, has two main islands.

According to the history, both Trinidad, as well as Tobago has been under the governance of British, French, and Dutch.

These were united as one country during the year 1889. During that time, the country was regarded as a crown colony of Great Britain.

Later, it gained independence during the year 1962, thereby, becoming a republic in 1976.

Wine grape varieties

Here, let’s see why there is no viticulture in Trinidad and Tobago and also about the availability of high-cost wines within the country.

An Explanation about the Location of Trinidad and Tobago

Both the islands of Trinidad and Tobago has its location between 10 and 11 degrees N.

This is the latitude, which is closer to the equator than the Tropic of Cancer.

As wine lovers and explorers, you should be aware that it’s rare to find vineyards at the equatorial latitudes.

Although there are some notable exceptions like Indonesia and Ecuador, we can’t find any vineyards on Trinidad and Tobago.

The most famous product on these islands is found to be “Angostura bitters”.

Expensive Wines for Sale in Trinidad and Tobago

Any wine lover would be interested to find wine in Trinidad and Tobago and yes, we will go to greater lengths, when it comes to quality.

We all know that in a country with no vineyards, finding a quality wine will be expensive. This is the great reason why wine bottles in Trinidad and Tobago are expensive.

Following is the list of most expensive wine bottles that are found in and around Trinidad and Tobago.

Antinori Tignanello’s Super Tuscan 2010

This wine varietal is from the Italian vineyards being produced by one of the largest wine companies in Italy.

The history of winery Marchesi Antinori Srl that produces the wine could be dated back to as early as 1385.

It is being said that Tignanello was a 47-hectare vineyard, which was acquired in 1900 by Antinori.

The innovations that were carried out by Antinori led to the revolution of Super Tuscans.

This particular wine bottle is found to be having a deep red or violet color and will give the drinkers a tart flavor of currant and plum.

With a medium acidity, this wine seems ideal to be tagged at a high price!

Price in Trinidad and Tobago: $810

Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 (Cask 23)

Just a few years after launch, the winery’s ’73 Cab acquired the first spot among the top ten French and Californian red wines in a blind test that was carried out by wine experts of France.

Basically, these wines have put the Napa Valley on the wine map of the world and I would say that the Cask 23 is their signature varietal.

Although this wine is not produced every vintage, this wine is deemed valuable.

This wine, which is produced in years, is very intensely coloured. We could see a deep purple core with some exotic flavours.

Price in Trinidad and Tobago: $1,295.

Château Beychevelle 1998

Château Beychevelle, which is a winery in the world-famous Bordeaux region in France, is producing the wine varietal that was classified as one of ten “Quatrièmes Crus” in the “Bordeaux Wine Official Classification” of the year 1855.

This particular vintage is found to be having a classic nose and is full and rich. Still, we can feel plenty of fruits and fine tannins while tasting. I would say that this vintage has a perfectly balanced acidity.

Price in Trinidad and Tobago: $1,120

Wines from Trinidad and Tobago

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