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CBD Infused Wine! What is it & Why is it Trending?

Wine is more than a drink that complements dinner. Millions of people take wine because of their underlying health benefits. For instance, it reduces the risks of diabetes and improves heart health.

CBD Infused Wine! What is it & Why is it Trending?
Source | CBD Infused Wine! What is it & Why is it Trending?

Even better, the fast-rising CBD infused wine has lots to offer. Most of the fame CBD is enjoying comes from the growing cannabis legalization. The broad legalization opens new avenues for recreation. CBD-infused wine is a new invention in the CBD industry that’s gaining traction.

According to a report, the general cannabis beverage market might hit $4, 464 million by 2025. Many people resort to CBD infused wine because it has no psychoactive properties. The drink also delivers the health benefits of CBD.

What is CBD-Infused Wine?

CBD-infused wines are innovative products that perfectly blend wine and CBD. Mixing the two intensifies their effects. This allows you to enjoy both products in the drink.  Experts use tinctures when making CBD-infused wine because they blend seamlessly into wine.

Here are some of the reasons why CBD infused wine is going to be the next big thing:


Any wine lover will tell you that finding a wine that’s cheap but still has a good taste is almost impossible. The variety of products makes the task more daunting, and it’s easy to end up disappointed.

Thankfully, a bottle of wine that tastes good doesn’t have to be expensive. The new CBD-infused wine not only goes easy on your pocket but is also delicious.

The fact that the wine comes infused with CBD means that you don’t have to buy the two products separately. Thus, many people on a tight budget are resorting to CBD-infused wine. It offers a cheap way of enjoying beneficial effects from two products in a single drink.

No High Sensation

The cannabis plant produces THC and CBD, among other compounds. The manufacturers can extract CBD from cannabis without THC. They then infuse CBD into other products such as edibles and wine.

THC has psychoactive properties. It is the compound that triggers a high sensation in cannabis users. When alone, CBD won’t make users high.

Besides, CBD also comes from the hemp plant. Unlike the marijuana plant, the hemp plant has insignificant psychoactive compounds. CBD from hemp is legal in many states since it has less than 0.3% of THC. The small levels of THC can’t cause psychoactive effects.

Infusing CBD with wine means that users won’t get high. This comes as a relief to most users. They get to enjoy the drink without exposure to psychoactive or mind-altering effects.

Good Taste

The excellent taste of CBD-infused wine contributes significantly to its popularity. Many people are reluctant to use CBD oil despite its benefits due to its unpleasant taste. CBD-infused wine comes as a solution to this problem.

Infusing CBD with wine gives users a chance to enjoy the desired effects of CBD. The sweet flavor of wines means that they won’t have to deal with the awful smell and taste of CBD oils.

CBD-infused wine is the perfect way to take CBD. Wines come with distinctive flavors, and it’s the reason many users are resorting to it.

Low Alcohol Content

Infusing wine with CBD is common in vineyards across the US and Europe. The reason is that wine-infused CBD has lower amounts of alcohol. Insignificant alcohol content reduces the risks developed from excessive alcohol consumption.

A glass of CBD infused wine sounds great to users who want to quit alcohol. The lack of alcohol in the wines allows users to enjoy the effects of CBD without alterations by alcohol. Optimum relaxation is the ultimate desired effect.

CBD infused wine has low alcohol content
Source | CBD infused wine has low alcohol content

Health Benefits

The legalization of cannabis compounds with medicinal value is on the rise. The less legal restriction is a window of opportunity for both CBD producers and users. The majority of winery businesses can now produce CBD infused products like wine. The wines are not just unique because of good taste; they deliver more health benefits. Most of the beneficial properties come from CBD.

Besides, CBD users looking for new ways of consuming CBD now have fewer worries. They can watch their dosages as they enjoy taking wine. The good flavor of wine makes the experience a lot better.

The available scientific studies back the health benefits of CBD-infused products. Here are some of them:

  • Improve heart health
  • Has anti-aging effects
  • Reduces risks for cancer
  • Lowers risks to diabetes
  • Boosts mental health

Alternatively, those who are not traditionally wine lovers can still reap similar benefits by procuring high-quality CBD oil Canada from licensed retailers.

How Does the Future of CBD Infused Wine Look Like?

Currently, many vineyards are running experiments of CBD with their products. The goal is to deliver unique products. CBD allows them to introduce a new flavor or add sweetness to wine with dense flavors.

The goal of infusing wine with CBD is to deliver a social drink that has almost zero alcohol content. This will allow users to enjoy more wine without feeling drunk.

Wine is one of the favorite drinks for complementing meals. It’s no doubt that the popularity of CBD infused wines will soar into new heights in the coming years. Market analysis shows that the consumption of the products is on an upward trend. It’s clear from the trends that its use will not be declining anytime soon.


Infusing CBD with wine is trendy across the globe. With the explosion of the CBD industry, it’s hard to ignore what CBD infused wine offers. CBD has several health benefits. Infusing it with wine gives users another alternative of consuming it.

If you want to try CBD-infused wine, make sure to consult a professional. This will help you get the right dosage and how to start.

Heidi Jones
Content Writer And Blogger

FAQ about CBD Infused Wines

These FAQs should help clarify some common questions about CBD-infused wines. Always ensure you’re informed about the specific products you choose, particularly regarding their contents and the legal status in your area.

What is CBD-infused wine?

CBD-infused wine is a type of beverage that combines wine with cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a high, but it is credited with various health benefits such as reducing anxiety and pain relief.

Is CBD-infused wine legal?

The legality of CBD-infused wine varies by country and state, largely depending on local cannabis and alcohol regulations. In some regions, combining alcohol with CBD is illegal, while in others, it might be allowed if the CBD is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC. Always check local laws before purchasing or consuming CBD-infused wine.

What are the effects of drinking CBD-infused wine?

CBD-infused wine is said to offer the relaxing effects of CBD alongside the usual effects of alcohol. Consumers often report a more mellow and relaxed feeling with less intoxication compared to regular wine. However, effects can vary widely between individuals.

How much CBD is in CBD-infused wine?

The amount of CBD in CBD-infused wines can vary significantly depending on the brand and product. Typically, each serving might contain between 5 to 20 milligrams of CBD. It’s important to read the product label for specific details and to consume responsibly.

Can CBD-infused wine get you high?

No, CBD-infused wine should not get you high as long as it contains only CBD and not THC, which is the main psychoactive component in cannabis. The intoxicating effects that might be felt are from the alcohol content in the wine, not from CBD.