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Wine and Cheese Pairings

by | Jul 27, 2016 | 0 comments

Which Wines are complementary for Cheese?

Age and tannins as well as how hard or soft the cheese will be, have a huge influence.

Cheese goes through a continuum from its fresh status through the hard age.

Wine pairing with cheese

Cheese that is fresh and young tend to have a high content of water plus a milky delicate texture.

As it ages through affinage, the moistures evaporate slowly and leaving only proteins and fats.

Since proteins and fats have flavour, older cheese tends to be richer and more savoury.

Wines are aging

Just like cheese, wine also goes through a gamut, from the delicate to a bold flavour. Its complexity correlates with its age.

Therefore, you can readily notice that young cheese can partner well with fresh, juicy and fresh wines such as the crisp whites, sparkling whites, dry roses, and reds with optimal acidity levels.

Age of cheese is not the only factor when it comes to matching wine with cheese.

Texture, pungency and saltiness also influences pairing with wine.

Wine pairing with cheese

Wine grape varieties

Wines with tannic, and cheese

Red wines with high tannic levels are amazing with the rich and aged cheese because the tannins bind to the fat and proteins literally, cleaning the palate after every bite.

Under the same concept, you can notice that tannic wine feels much more astringent with younger cheese because they tie up with the little available fats leaving behind the chalky sensation plus the metallic aftertaste.

Hence red wines with high amount of tannic and acidity do not pair well with young cheese.

But if you simply need to serve young cheese with red wine for some unknown reasons, then go for wines with low tannins such as red Lambrusco or the Beaujolais.

If serving a salty cheese such as hard Grana, feta or blue cheese, then a perfect match will be obtained with sweet tasting wines.

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