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Erbaluce grapes

by | Nov 17, 2016

Erbaluce, also known as Erbaluce Bianca is a variety of white wine grape that hails from Italy.


This variety of white wine grape is primarily found in the Piedmont region around Caluso in Canavese where it is grown and cultivated by the local growers.

This variety of grape wine is very much used in the preparation of various dry table wines. Apart from dry table wines, Erbaluce is also used in the preparation of wines passito which embrace various deep golden shades.

This grape is also used in the preparation of various sparkling wines that are admired by the people at large. This grape enjoys a good reputation in all the regions where it is planted.

However, the global recognition of this variety of white wine grape is very low. The history of this grape is very long and ancient.

According to the DNA profiling of this wine grape carried out in the recent years, Erbaluce entertains a very close genetic relationship with Cascarolobianco, another Piedmontese wine grape.

Wine grape varieties

However, the exact nature of the relationship in between these two grapes is still not figured out by the experts. Today, the production of Erbaluce has become very restricted and this grape is only planted in the small area of Caluso.

There it is widely referred to as Erbaluce di Caluso. According to a research made, only 15 producers in this area are concerned with the production and cultivation of this grapevine.

The good news is that the wines of this grape variety as slowly moving up as to their quality since the region where they are produced is now trying to compete with other better-established quality wines of Italy.

Erbaluce is known under a number of synonyms such as Albaluce, AlbbaLucenti, AlbeLucenti, Ambra, Bianchera, BiancRousti, BiancoRusti, Erbaluce Bianca, Trebbiano Gentile, Repcalon, Uva Rustica, Uva Rustia, Greco Novarese, Vernazza di Gattinara and many others.


The origin of this variety of white wine grape has always been a matter of dispute among the people. The name Erbaluce of the wine itself has become the subject of debate.

Some of the researchers claim that this name to the grape has been given after the copper color of its bunches in the alpine sun while others claim that this grape has been named after Goddess Albaluce who took birth on the hilltop in Caluso.

It is believed that the tears of this Goddess prompted the vines of Erbaluce to spring from the ground.


Erbaluce is a variety of white wine grape which entertains various high-acidic properties. The grape when vinified into the table wines demand a lot of fruit or else the same would come out astringent and thin.

During the vinification of this grape, when the berries of the grape are in plethora, the wines come out to taste like apples as to their flavor.

However, the level of acidity still remains high. The wines produced out of this grape age very well in their bottles. These wines are mostly dry. At the same time, Erbaluce produces various wines that are sweet to your taste buds as well.

Characteristics of Erbaluce Wines

The high acidic feature of this grape makes it very suitable for the production of the wines that are sweet. Both the sweet as well as dry styles of wines produced out of this grape tend to show their characteristics same as that of apple in terms of their aroma as well as flavor.

The work as to the improvisation of these wines is still very much in progress in its native place. One of the most famous wines that are produced out of this grape is Calsuo Spumante.

This wine has been highly admired for its fruity and fresh nature. The wine is further entertained by a strong level of acidity as well as subtle minerality. So this wine produced is very tasteful as to its flavor as well as rich as to its qualities.

Food pairing

All the wines – dry and sweet produced out of Erbaluce are rich as to their flavor. Thus, they go well with a number of food and cuisines.

These wines taste their best when paired with the Gorgonzola cheese and peaches sautéed in white wine when you drink them in their sweeter version.

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