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Jurancon Noir grapes

by | Jan 11, 2017

Jurancon Noir is considered as a very rare variety of red wine grape that hails from France. This grape variety is taken into use in the production of a number of IGP reds and roses.

Jurancon Noir

This red wine grape variety is cultivated throughout the regions of south-west France. To be more precise, the production, plantation and cultivation of the vines of Jurancon Noir are carried out in the regions of Estaing, Lavilledieu as well as Entraygues – Le Fel.

Though considering the name of this red wine grape variety, the people mostly skip to the conclusion that this variety is grown in the Jurancon wine region, however, as a matter of fact; Jurancon Blanc bears no association to the Jurancon wine region.

This variety of red wine grape is a natural crossing and is not entirely organic in nature. This crossing has been performed in between Folle Blanche and Malbec.

The wines of this red wine grape variety taste their best when consumed in the form of early-drinking wines.

Wine grape varieties

In the region of Bellet, Provence, this grape variety is termed as Fuella Nera and in that particular region this grape variety is used in the preparation of rose wines in a Franco-Italian style.

This variety’s most popular expression is prepared near the town of Cahors by the famous winemaker Fabian Jouves. Interestingly, this varietal Jurancon Noir has been termed as You F**k My Wine.

This has been done mainly in the protest of the Cahors AOC laws that happen to exclude the variety. This particular wine on the contrary happens to fall under the generic category of Vin de France.

This grape variety was extensively planted in various regions of France in the mid-20th century. However, as the 21st century came into existence, the plantation of this red wine grape variety met a heyday.

The vines of this grape variety are high yielding vines, at the same time they demand care as well as attention in the vineyards as they are very much prone to mildew as well as sensitive to the conditions of drought.

In the regions of France, this grape variety is officially termed as Dame Noire N with regard to the matter of its propagation plant.

In the regions of Cyprus, this variety is officially referred to as Dame Noir. This red wine grape variety is also known under the names of Fuella Noir and Folle Noir.

Origin of the Jurancon Noir grapes

As already mentioned, Jurancon Noir is not an organic grape variety, but is a cross performed between two different grape varieties namely, Malbec and Folle Blanche.

This cross seems to have performed in the south west region of France. The genetic analysis carried out in Montepellier confirms the cross performed between the two grape varieties.

In the region of France, this variety of red wine grape has been officially listed in the Catalogue of vine varieties. Likewise, this grape variety has also been listed in the catalogue of Cyprus.

Characteristics of Jurancon Noir Wines

The vines of this grape variety are productive and fertile. The young wines are mostly vigorous in nature; however, they can be weakened quickly on the account of overproduction.

This is the reason why the vines of this grape demand a great care in order to manage the yields along with short pruning. The growing cycle of this variety of vine is relatively short and is therefore very easy to grow.

Also, these vines are very much susceptible to grey rot. The grape clusters as well as the berries of this vine are moderate as to their size. The wines produced out of this red wine grape variety are slight or moderately alcoholic wines in nature.

These wines are the early drinking wines which are light-bodies. The wines produced out of Jurancon Noir are either very light as to their colour or entirely colourless.

These wines are simple, light and quickly consumed. They also possess undistinguished flavours along with the rose wines that are very crisp and fruity.

There are two approved clones to this red wines namely, the N clones that carry the numbers 438 and 571 respectively.

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Food pairing with Jurancon Noir Wines

The wine produced out of this red wine grape variety taste their best when they are paired with the food items such as barbecued vegetable chops, prosciutto and rock melon as well as cheese and capers.

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