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Trincadeira Wine Grapes

by | Nov 27, 2016

Trincadeira, also popularly known as Tinta Amarela is a very famous variety of red wine grape. This grape is generally used in the Port wine production at large.


The grape of Trincadeira is mostly known to the world because of its feature of dark-coloring. The wines produced out of this grape are very deeply colored and look very impressive as to their appearance.

Trincadeira is considered as one of the oldest varieties of Portugal. The use of this grape is increasing at a great pace in the Douro region of late and the locals there are repeatedly taking part in the plantation and production of this wine grape.

The vine of this grape is very much susceptible to rot and it performs the best when planted in dry and hot climates. Trincadeira is also considered as the oldest and the most popular variety of grape in the region of Alentejo.

The wines produced out of this wine grape are full-bodied and very rich as to their flavor. The aromas are fresh and they taste like herbs, blackberries and various flowers.

Trincadeira is known by the same name only in the Portugal, region whereas in all the other regions of the world, this variety of red wine grape is mostly referred and addressed as Tinta Amarela.

Wine grape varieties

This grape is mostly used in the production of dry red wines as well as in some Ports. The plantation of this variety of grape is not an easy job since this grape demands a lot of care to grow and further to mature.

Also, according to various experts, this grape should be picked within a few days from its plantation. However, these grapes are mostly picked very late and this is the reason they overripe themselves and entertain a very low level of acidity.

Despite of numerous challenges that come in front of this vineyard of the grape, Trincadeira can be referred to a highly rewarding variety of vine to grow.

If all the conditions during the plantation of this vine are favorable, this grape produces marvelous wines that are rich as to their flavor and beautiful as to their color.

The wines produced out of this variety of red wine grape are very elegant and balanced. This grapevine is addressed by a number of names varying from one region to the other.

The synonyms of this grapevine include Espadeiro, Rabo de Ovelhatinto, Murteria, Mortagua, Crato Preto as well as Portugal Malbec. This grape is also blended with Aragones in the Alentejo with Touriga Nacional in the Douro.


Trincadeira, as already stated, is considered as one of the oldest wines of Portugal. This wine finds its origin in Portugal. The greatest production of the grapevines is carried out at Alentejo in Portugal.

Wines with Trincadeira grapes


The vines of Trincadeira are very stubborn and they demand a lot of care and protection from the very moment they are grown in the vines.

These vines require a clement weather and a smooth growing season. The harvest process of these vines becomes difficult equally assuming their stubborn characteristic.

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The berries of the grape of this variety entertain an optimal ripeness for a shorter period of time which eventually makes them ready for picking within a few days.

However, if you go to pick this grape a little too early, the grape then fails to present all its features and becomes very lean and under flavored.

If you pick the berries of this grape too late, they become very overripe and over jam. This also lowers down their level of acidity. Despite of these challenges, the vineyards of this grape grow these vines and they are very much rewarding.

The wines produced out of this grape are very rich and colorful. At the same time, these wines taste very good and therefore these wines are preferred by a majority of people on their dinner table.

Food pairing

Trincadeira is a fun grape and therefore it can be flavored with a number of food items that make it all the more rich and tasteful.

The wines produced out of this grape variety are not very robust. Talking about the food pairing, the wines produced out of this grape go well with different variety of cheese, especially soft cheese and various traditional dishes.

These wines taste the best with citrus rubbed veal chops and mango salsa as well as traditional Cornish pasty.


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