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Uva Rara grapes

by | Mar 30, 2017

Uva Rara is one among the variants of red wine originating in the southern region of Lombardy, situated in the northwest of Italy.

Uva Rara

The Oltrepo Pavese DOC uses this variant for making red wines. It is an exquisite part of the Judas Blood (also known as Sangue di Giuda) and standard Rosso wines.

Wine grape varieties

Uva Rara is used as a component for minor blending in Croatina-based sparkling Oltrepo Pavese Bonarda Frizzante.

Croatina and Barbera fall among the top blending partners of UvaRara in Lombardy. UvaRara – the name refers to “Rare Grape” in Italian, which basically means that it is not something that was thought of as easily available.


Uva Rara is also called Bonarda Novarese in the hills lying towards the northwest of Piedmont.

The name Novareses was derived from the town Novara, situated in the heart of Italy. This part of the country incorporates the use of blended Uva Rara with Nebbiolo (locally called Spanna).

Almost all of the locally blended red wines from this little part of Italy are mixed Nebbiolo and Uva Rara, which is predominantly called as Spanna.

Uva Rara’s main use is as a softener for this Spanna. Uva Rara is also used as an aromatic addition to the Spanna.


UvaRara has typically big leaves which are commonly found in an elongated pentagon formation that grows along with a median lobe on the auxiliary areas.

It is farmed and grown with a raft of farming types to match espalier and mixed along with a process of long pruning, which is not quite unique to Uva Rara.

It has a very beautiful and dense flowering stage with groups tending to sparse. This results in the production being less and its name of being a rare grape.

Uva Rara has always been considered as an outstanding option as a table grape and is usually characterized by a high quantity of sugar and little to no acidity.

These properties also make it useful in certain preservation techniques. It emboldens the wine with beautiful and ornate violet highlights, which is a desired characteristic when it comes to Uva Rara.

The more beautiful and noticeable the violet highlights, the better the UvaRara. Maturation of the grape is medium (usually in the first ten days of October).

Although Uva Rara is a very rare wine, it is definitely not something that can be considered as anywhere close to unheard of.

Ironically, although it is a very rare wine, it has been used as a everyday table wine in several parts of Europe, especially in the region of Italy.

Lately, a traveller roaming across that vast stretches of Italy could find the Uva Rare variety of wine being offered on the street restaurants and pubs that characterise the Italian culture.

Earlier, we discussed that the Uva Rara has a beautiful sweet taste with plenty of sugar in it as well as about the mild acidity that it has, this same trend follows its aroma as well.

Uva Rara has a typical sweet, red rose smell with a mix of aromas from red cherries, blackberries and mild salts. This type of a taste is easily recognizable to any wine connoisseur.

Although the wine comes off as vibrant with its violet highlights, the Uva Rara does not have a great structure to it.

One drawback I could identify regarding the Uva Rara is that it is a lacking that pure perfume opulence that is present with several other wines. This drawback may just be considered as a matter of personal taste.

Food Pairing

The Uva Rara is complemented with acidic pastas, as the wine itself is quite sweet, it goes well with a rather acidic pasta or Fusilli combination.

Asian delicacies are often paired with the Uva Rara which goes to show its versatility. An assortment of cheeses is also often a good pair to consume with the Uva Rara.

Pastas which have a bit of a tang to them, that is, the pastas that add some spice to the mouth are usually the best vegetarian options to go with the Uva Rara wine.

That being said, other kinds of food also do go well with the wine, which is up in a matter of personal taste.

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