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Bodegas Hidalgo – Brandy Solera Fabuloso 70cl Bottle


Bodegas Hidalgo – Brandy Solera Fabuloso 70cl Bottle

Cognac & Brandy from TheDrinkShop

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Denominacien de Oregen: Brandy de Jerez, Sherry Brandy, comes exclusively from the Sherry District. The production and ageing of the Sherry Brandy follows the traditional methods of the region. The brandy is obtained from grape distillate and then aged in butts of American oak which have previously been used in the ageing of Sherry wines. The ageing system used is known as the Solera system,(fractional blending) which consists of a continuous mix of young brandies with older ones resulting in a brandy of consistent quality. Flavour: Full, rich smooth. Aroma: Clean, woody aroma with nuances of vanilla and walnuts.

Cognac & Brandy from TheDrinkShop

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